Thank you for considering my blog as a place to advertise. My journey as a blogger started in 2011 as just a small little corner to record my creative inspirations and nomadic adventures as an Army spouse and an artist living in a foreign land...
But with time it has evolved into much more and hopefully will only grow as my readers grow.
Today my blog is a place where, other than sharing my everyday life as a mom and an Army wife, I also share my paintings and daily illustrations, creative new recipes, as well as a lot of DIY craft and great innovative party ideas...

I generally post 5 days a week.
I average about 300 to 500 daily readers. (on an average)
and 8 to 10,000 monthly views.

Please contact me on my email: scorpio1576@gmail.com for further inquiries about advertising on my blog.


  1. Hi Maryam....How r u dear friend....just read your mango ice cream recipe...it should taste very good but like u mentioned it may taste too sweet because of all sweet ingredients...use less of milkmaid n more of cream. Also v can add a portion of hung curd. this will also help in balancing the sweetness.-Parul


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