Pottery Adventures

I had the occasion to learn something that I have always wanted... Pottery!!
and that also from one of New York's extremely popular Pottery studio...Brickhouse Ceramics Arts Centre
Its another matter that just because of my family's nomadic existence I know its going to be very difficult to continue with pottery once I reach India...
But I can always hope, right?
So here are some pictures as well as some notes of my enthusiastic first time pottery endeavors... enjoy!

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There is no end to things I am passionate about....
I am not called "enthu cutlet" by people who know me for no reason!! 
and the latest passion in my already cluttered, overwhelming, hyper ventilating life, is Pottery...
Pottery is something that I have been very curious about and extremely keen on learning for I think the past five/six years... or maybe more...
I think since the time I kind of got used to the nomadic existence of the Army life...and while my online freelance work was going smoothly... I started wondering...now what?
How nice it would be to have my own little mobile creative studio where I could do a bit of craft...some art and illustrations and maybe some pottery...
make some nice interesting bowls and mugs etc. which had my own style stamp on them?
I have always been fascinated by the interesting colors and forms and creativity... (rest of the post is here)

and this is how they turned out:

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My pottery mania has been growing stronger and stronger and am learning by leaps and bounds... and loving every minute of it-more than I thought I would!
so here are a few pictures of my first glazed and finished work...
excuse the weird and lopsided shapes.. (for the rest of the post, click here)

A yarn bowl... for knitting.

An Asymmetrical Bowl

 A Handpainted Bowl

some efforts at handbuilding... making shapes out of slabs of clay!

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Encouraged by the ooohs and the aaaaahs   :-)   of my loved ones who saw my earlier finished pottery pictures...
Here are some pictures that are a work in progress...
all are greenware, meaning that they havent been fired and hence are of "kachchi mitti"....
but I am loving them...
my first few tries of not wheel throwing but "handbuilding"
meaning that they have been built from slabs of clay... (for the rest of the post-click here)

A textured Tray.

 A butter dish with a lady bird.

 A couple of illustrated plates

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