Who Am I?

Hello, and thanks for stopping by...
I am Maryam, and I love creating things.
Things that make me happy.
It might be some awesome recipe off the internet, or something crafty out of some old, forgotten, broken object lying in the garage, or maybe a watercolor of a bird thats come visiting...
And I am an eager learner... and I find everything interesting...
There is no end to learning something new, something that might just get my mojo sky high and get me leaping out of my bed with a song on my lips!
And whatever I learn, I love to share.
Because sharing is actually spreading my happiness, and hence might brighten up someone else's day too!
So this little space in the virtual world, (my blog) is all about that...
Sharing with the world ALL that makes my world go round.
My Art Tutorials, crafty adventurestrials in the kitchen, enthusiastic theme parties, travel stories and my every-day inspirations.

Other than my enthusiasm for anything and  everything, professionally I am an animator, a freelance illustrator, and a closet artist!
I paint, sketch, dabble in a bit of pottery, write (which I am afraid is not as often as I would like).
I listen to music at full volume, and dance while painting!!
I can't sing to save my life, but have an eclectic taste in music to suit my varied moods.
I am a copious tea-drinker, a bookworm and fancy myself as a published author someday... (mayb a graphic novel?)
Believe it or not... I used to write great never-ending stories while in school- (my boarding-mates would vouch for it!)
but I have a massive writers' block now... gotto find those old, moth-eaten registers to get my inner JK Rowling out!
I run in circles behind my two hyper-active boys and nomadic husband.
By nomadic husband I mean I married a man duty-bound to serve the country and we, the wife n kids come waaaay down the priority list!
So we have wheels on our feet and our home is always spinning around... (get the reason behind the weird blog-title?)
Can you believe that we have stayed in around 12 homes in our 13 years of marriage!!
I pretend to be the la-di-dah Army wife during the day, but yes! I am the paint-stained, pajama wearing, messy-haired, groggy eyed Maryam that you all imagine me to be!

This blog came about when me and my family shifted, bag and baggage from India to the Big Apple for just a couple of years...(yes... that happens once in a while to us *small town* Army folks that we get sent to fantastic locales too!)
It was a big change for all of us and my wide eyed anecdotes were a lot of fun for the friends and family back home and the idea of starting a blog of all my exciting experiences (before my reactions become jaded) slowly came about.
This blog has grown in leaps and bounds since then...and continues to grow...
In what direction, I am yet to figure out.

But I really appreciate your dropping by on and off and leaving me any inputs that you can!

To connect with me on other platforms:

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Oh and you can post my pictures on yr blog- (not more than 2-3 at a time)
but please link back to my original post and give me credit....
Something like "Gosh this woman is phenomenal!!" will be enough.   ;-)

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