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        Like one can make out from the title of my blog (it cant be more obvious)... I luurve doodling and drawing and have been doodling since I could hold a crayon in my hand.
My classmates are going to vouch for having their copies and book margins all covered with my doodles when I ran out of space in my books!
and though I really dont think I have the patience to teach art to kids- teaching virtually seems like a lot of fun with absolutely no headache!
Hence the cute kiddie tutorials on this page...
Have also been teaching a lot of my friends in various postings (oh the fun of being a nomadic Army wife-new frenz everywhere) how to draw, do watercolors, paint in oils, sketch....
and I thought why not add a few adult tutorials of all that I know, here, as well...
after all if my friends are enjoying thier live classes so much, I am sure some of you are going to benefit with these virtual easy step by steps as well!
look forward to inspiring you all to take up a pencil or a brush and get going....


How to draw a cute little car... click here                                        How to draw Snoopy... click here

How to draw Hello Kitty... click here                                                 How to draw Snoopy... click here

How to draw a Rhino... click here                                                   How to draw a monkey... Click here

how to draw a camel.... Click here                                                 How to draw a Duck.... click here

How to draw a penguin... click here                                                   how to draw a mouse.... click here

how to draw a panda... click here                                                           how to draw a bear... click here

how to draw a rooster... click here                                                     How to draw a minion... click here

How to draw a Santa face....  click here                            How to draw Ariel the Mermaid  (click here)

How to draw Chota Bheem (click here)          How to Draw Chutki (of Chota Bheem Fame) click here

How to draw a cute Giraffe (click here)                       How to draw an adorable Dinosaur. (click here)

How to draw a Majestic Lion (click here)                                       How to draw Tinkerbell (click here)             

How to draw Garfield (click here)


                                                how to draw a portrait... click here                                                

How to paint a watercolor poppy... click here

how to draw a full figure... click here

How to draw expressive eyes...  click here

How to draw a very simple textured oil painting. (click here)

How to paint beautiful eyes in watercolor: (click here)

How to do a fashion portrait in watercolor. (click here)

How to make a gorgeous knife painting of a flamenco dancer (click here)


visit my YouTube Channel:

(Just click on the image to see the video)

How to sketch a 3/4 Face- click below:

How to paint a portrait with watercolor:

How to do pencil shading on a portrait... (esp hair)


  1. a beginner can also draw after seeing ur tutorials : saman

  2. Wow.... good work Maryam... hope my daughter Shreya will make use of your lessons...

    1. thank you Seema- I hope she does! :-) post some pictures if she makes anything out of my tutorials! it will make my day.

  3. This is so cute, even i want to start drawing now... :)

    1. thank you Manini- glad you dropped by!
      and why not? with these easy steps I am sure you will discover a love for drawing... :)


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