Monday, October 29, 2018

INKTOBER 2018... last leg.

INKTOBER 2018 and I just did not get time to really get my inktober juices flowing like last year.
Did the whole month and more and I couldnt believe it!!
But this year has been very sluggish on my work front...
Somehow I am not just getting time to clear up my backlog, my home and work-front...
And it's really getting to me.
I am not cooking fancy as much, not making art as much, hesitant to take on new projects as well...
and all because of too many distractions. esp on the various social media fronts that I have really spread myself thin on.
and in the process, ignoring my blog, my haven, completely.
I need to cut back...
Big time.
Anyways... here is a quick recap of at least the few that I have done this year!
still got 3 days to go before the month end... lets see if I am able to get over my mind block and really come up with some more inktober artworks or I just let the month slide by....

ummmm.... like I mentioned earlier, I am not really following the Jake Parker Official prompt (except a few that inspired me) becoz it kinda stresses me out... and art is meant for anything but stress.
So my goal this month has been mostly to practice, practice...
Esp. try out new styles and techniques like hatching, stippling or give washes or create a kind of atmospheric drawing.. or maybe some graphic novel scenarios....
will be explaining in a couple of lines just below the image.

"Tranquil" official prompt and made with uniball pen and washes of black ink.

Masaba is a designer I am in awe of... love her looks, her badass attitude and her clothes.
Was really keen to make a sketch, not really come out like her... but will try again.

This one was to practice the "cross-hatching" technique and was inspired by a Turkish TV show "Ertugrul" that I just finished binge watching.... these are the two main characters.. Ertugrul and Noyan.

Another practice of cross-hatching a protrait.

This time I again took on the official prompt "twisted" and made a twisted fairy tree inspired from my childhood reads of Enid Blyton... esp. her Enchanted Forest series.

This one was again from the official prompt "exhausted" and in this I tried to make a very simplistic style of illustration of my life... balancing work and home!

This drawing has no prompt, just wanted to make a sepia forest background with ink washes...
ahain not really happy with the final result, but... its ok.

This one was the prompt "precious" and i made a cat lover's portrait with her precious cat!

Making inanimate things is something that I have to force myself to do.... and buildings are especially scary... so I pushed myself to start, and more importantly finish this dilapidated building sketch.
I am quite happy with the result!!

Official prompt "cruel"
And nothing can be more cruel than the treatment of wild animals in the zoo....
(made completely with a flat brush dipped in ink)

Followed my heart and came back to portraits, as usual... no prompt.

Official prompt: "guarded"
was really wanting to make another fairytale take, this time "little red riding hood"... and I love how mysterious and dangerous the forest has come out, though not really happy with the wolf.

Official prompt: "clock"
And again I wanted to try a style slightly different from my usual.... hence the stylised figure.

 back to my ususal girlie portraits... done completely with a brush pen and a white pen.
still gotto work on the "cross-hatching" the contours of the face.

Monday, October 1, 2018

!nktober 2017 sketchbook tour

I was supposed to make this video and put it sometime this year, but I forgot till the month of October
was upon me and I HAD to start Inktober 2018...
well, so have a quick tour of last year's inktober frenzy, before you get a peek into this year's first drawing.
In case anyone who hasn't followed or tuned in to this inktober phenomenon and was wondering what all the hoopla is about... (working/drawing with inks, all of October)
Its a worldwide drawing challenge for artists. illustrators and anyone else who wants to jump in!
here's what I wrote about Inktober last year, explaining the wonderful challenge...

and this is today's artwork...
Just to know, though Jake Parker and a lot of other people take out a prompt list for daily inspirations...
I cannot follow it, its too binding and stressful, and inktober is something that I just want to enjoy doing without the stress of tying myself to a prompt list.
So I will be going with a loosely made weekly prompt list, but will try and go with the flow of what I want to draw on that day....

This is Day1:

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