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An Army Themed Birthday Party with Free Printables!

I have been really busy the last month or so ( mentally and physically) and had absolutely no time or energy to plan and execute a very elaborate themed birthday party for my boys like I usually do!
I absolutely loved using all kinds of themes for Birthday Parties... from  Angry Birds Theme, Chota Bheem theme, Super Heroes theme , WWE Theme, to a fabulous Monster Bash !!
(click on the names above to go to the links, or for more ideas go here)
The elder one whose birthday comes in February understood and let me off the hook easily... from initially thinking of just giving a treat to his friends to having an outdoor Horror movie night with just eatables and popcorn was very doable, no matter how busy I was.
But my younger one whose birthday came the next month, was turning 9 (alhamdolillah), and he kept oscillating between Pokemon theme to Wizards of Waverly Place theme to a couple of more outlandish themes and I didnt have the heart to refuse him. 
The only thing I could convince him of was to go for an elaborate Army Birthday Party because these days he and his 10-12 friends sleep, eat and breathe the Army... (have even formed a Special Ops Force by the name of HMF) = H*#$* Military Force!
And they go patrolling our Officer's Enclave morning and evening!
And I know even from my civil friends that this is one theme that everyone would want me to elaborate on, especially if they have sons!
so I'll go from one thing to the other and make it real simple for everyone.

To start with, making the invitation was a lot of fun.... complete with "report for Duty" and "Top Secret" mission!
Here I have remade the invite for you to download as many times as you want and use.
Only thing is please dont use them for commercial purposes.

Here is the A4 Printable for Thank You Note that you can cut with scissors and staple it to your goody bags of return gifts.

I had no time to go looking for camo print goody bags, and I doubt I would've even found camouflage paper, let along a camouflage print paper bag.
You can use plain green goody bags (green being the army color) or like I did: get brown paper bags, stamp on blobs of green, brown and black poster paint with a sponge!
Its simple and looks good!

Living in the cantonement or Army Camps made the decor part for me very easy (because I had just one day's time to prepare for the party)
The khaki tent was pitched in the garden, the Camo net was put up...
Lots of Camouflage cloth and hessian cloth to cover up the tables and make a nice rustic and rough decor all around.
I found a dirty old pellet board at the back of my house and used it as the centre point to paint "Ahmad Base Camp" and added a few dilapidated helmets and bags and my husband's boots to complete the photo op.

The balloons used (not pictured here) were green and brown and easily available on Amazon
The prizes that I gave away were also from Amazon... They were small little piggy banks in the shape of Army Jeeps. Available here

I started the party by applying war-paint of green, brown and black onto the soldier's faces!
They were thrilled!

The games were a lot of fun... and super easy to execute!

1- One was a tug-of-war: just divide the kids, give them a hefty rope and let go!!!

2- My tried and tested favourite game for nearly all birthdays, I just change the character to suit the theme! Blindfold pin-the-item on the character!
This time it was pinning the medal on an Army man!
The one blindfolded person who pins the medal closest to its position (drawn on the chart) wins!
here's a picture:

3- Next was my version of a Spoon Race.
But with golf balls painted green to look like grenades, hence they couldn't be dropped!
Whoever reaches the finish line first without dropping the grenade, wins.
My husband forgot to take a photo of this and I was busy painting butterflies on the faces of my little lady cadets.
So got no photos to show you!

4- Next game was a Firing Range with Nerf gun...
I had pinned disposable glasses on a drawing board and the kids had to shoot nerf bullets in them.
6 tries.
Who scores the maximum bullets in the the glasses, wins!
Again no photos to show for it, because the game got over way too fast!
but here is one from the internet that inspired me: from here

Or else you can have little army guys lined up to be shot down!
whoever shoots down the maximum is the winner.
Like shown below and taken from here:

This was the extent of the games that I could manage, but I've got a few more shown below that you can do if you have a biggish space for the kids to jump and run around.

5- You can have an obstacle course (with tyres)+crawling race which would be a lot of adventure and the kids, esp. boys, would love it!

6- Or a fun gunny sack race like shown below, and taken from here

Once the decor and the games are done and over with... We move onto the eats.
I had absolutely no time to go to a Bakery and order a specialised cake....
The Army Bakery was informed just the evening before, and they made a yummy Chocolate Cake with which I improvised and made it into an Army Themed Cake.
Just strategically place a few army men and a tank... voila!
A special army themed cake is all ready to draw gasps of admiration all around!
Don't miss the little soldiers all ready to fight it out in the background... placed in the right positions by my little birthday boy.

Or else you can place little soldiers as cupcake toppers on green icing like shown below:
taken from here

Have the food station decked out like "Mess Hall" and it will be a birthday to remember!

And you know what the best part of the evening was? 
When the actual soldier (my husband) pinned a medal on each one and handed the return gift goodie bag, saying "well done, soldier!" and all the little ones gave outstanding salutes! 

and a recap for your pinning pleasure:

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