Thursday, January 18, 2018

January 2018-fairytales

Todays is already the 18th and I have been swamped with work and commitments that have nothing to do with Art and everything to do with the man that I married and the responsibilities that come with it. And its been a kind of a frustrating start to the New Year ,because I had a lot of things lined up... and lots of things planned.
But I hope to get to them sometime soon and hopefully things will fall in place.
Ever the optimist, I am!
Anyways I had made a teenie water color illustration because I wasn't able to take out the time and though I am sharing it here, I feel its not good enough to make as a calendar.
Actually its photographed with a phone camera, and not very well taken, and I havent had time to scan it in a good resolution, so it didnt inspire me enough to make a calendar out of it...
Here is the water color (little fantasy illustration) that I made...
Loved the concept, but it needs a bit of tweeking.
will work on a few more similar ones and keep u all posted.
here's a look at what I had made:

So then as the clock was ticking and the days were passing by, its already the 18th,
I just took an older illustration that I had made during my Inktober stint... (made 30 illustrations with pen  and ink- here)

and converted it into a calendar with a whimsical quote:

Just download, save as Desktop Calendar and enjoy!
And for your pinning/sharing pleasure : just the lovely quote!


  1. Hey Maryam, such a gorgeous painting and love the quotes by C Lewis which is so true about life:)

  2. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.


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