Friday, December 15, 2017

A Peek into my studio.

I love learning how people work...
what inspires them?
what gets their creative mojo going! how different is it from mine.
What can I learn and imbibe from their routine, styles and manner of working.
And one of the best ways to learn an artist's mind is to see what do they have on their work-table or work stations? esp illustrators and artists.
It tells a lot about them.
Are they cluttered? or neat? or like a war zone? (which mine usually is)
Men have posters and comic figures, and usually have useful products laid out... no frivolous items.
while women have flowers and candles, and knick-knacks...pretty things that many a time don't have much of a practical use, but looks good and makes them feel good.
Their desks are color coordinated and pretty (mostly)

My workspace can't claim to be color co-ordinated, or state of the art, because I have to make do with whatever furniture the Govt homes are given. But I certainly like to spruce up the space with my little knick-knacks and candles and flowers. And of course my favourite pictures and illustrations!
I love to make my space as colorful as I can, to get me out of the Monday blues and the days my mind refuses to function.
So here's a peek:

Flowers: check!
Aromatic Candle: check!
Little candies and cookies in the that tiny bowl there to combat the hunger pangs.

Hand painted recycled bottles, to twig pencils and my quirky quotes!

I have my weekly blog prompts... because when I sit down at the desk, I am usually blank.
So if its Monday, I have my prompt ready for the day which goes like "Monday Moods (decor or color)" or "Monday Moment (a quick sketch of me n my boys)" or "Masala Monday (which can be food oriented)"
Or if its Wednesday... I can work with watercolors and put up a "Wednesday Watercolor" post!
You see how it works? It gets me out of my blank mental state and makes me think and come up with a concrete blog post of the day!

And this is my main weapon when I am painting... which is not these days...
But when I get my blank canvases out, this recycled caddy helps me in myriad ways.
It has my apron and spray paints and acrylic tubs and all my brushes...
And the best part is: It has wheels!
So it can follow me around whether I am busy outside or inside.

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