Sunday, December 24, 2017

10 Fun Treats to Make for Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!!
As my kids have their school break, my sons was insisting that we make something fun for Christmas tomorrow.... and I looked up easy, fun, kid-friendly Christmas treats to make on the internet...
So many different, fun things popped up that I thought why not compile a small list of Christmas Treats for my readers as well?
So 10 different, fun, Christmassy treats for all my favourite people.
Have fun trying them out this christmas, or save them up for next time!

1- Pesto Christmas Tree Bread Sticks (link)
Absolutely delicious and looks fabulous too!

2- Pull apart christmas tree (link)
Fun to make and sooooo much fun to pull apart and eat!

3- Christmas shortbread cookies (link)
Colorful and vibrant that kids will have fun with!

4- Easy Christmas tree brownies (link)
Looks absolutely scrumptious!

5- Strawberry Christmas Tree (link)
slice it half, and you see a strawberry inside!

6- Santa Hat brownie bites (link)
Absolutely adorable.

7- Red Velvet Banana Bread (link)
luscious and gooey... you cant go wrong with red velvet can you? and top it that with christmassy forsting! yumm.....

8- M and Ms Christmas Cookie Bar (link)
Cut them into bite size chunks and you are good to go...

9- Holly Jolly Jello Shots (link)
So easy to make and they look like such awesome party treats!

10- Chocolate dipped ginger cookies (link)
Chewy and chocolaty at the same time, and soooo festive to look at!

These were fun to group together... and me and my boys will probably be making quite a few of them soon... maybe a couple tomorrow on Christmas Day itself...
will definitely share them with everyone.
I hope this inspires you all to get cracking have fun in the kitchen with these pretty treats.
Merry Christmas to you all!


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