Sunday, November 5, 2017

Last two days of the INKTOBER 2017 frenzy!

I know, I know...October is long over, in fact its the 5th of November already and my monthly Desktop calendar is not yet made...
And I forgot to put up the last two Inktober 2017 drawings that I made...
They were up on my Facebook Page and my Instagram link, but somehow the blog lay forgotten!
The month of Inktober went by in a flash... and I am soooo glad that I took up the challenge.
Inktober I certainly hope to catch you again next year with a bit more ideas and a lot more better preparation.
But it was SO much fun!
Trying out new techniques, ideas, compositions and a few more things that I was a little apprehensive to touch!
Its been a learning month and I hope to continue with my upward curve, inshallah!
I will be putting up a YouTube video of the sketchbook and also link up here.
Stay tuned.

The Inktober Day 30 was a spooky pumpkin and a scaredy skeletal cat for Halloween...
Didnt want to make the usual gore and zombies....

and the last one, my finale seemed only appropriate to make a Scorpio woman as I am one too!
"She is mysterious, dangerous and extremely loyal...
She is a whirlwind of chaos, but she is so damn passionate that she is worth the hurricane!"
My finale as I bid adieu to Inktober-2017

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