Tuesday, October 10, 2017

INKTOBER 2017- Day 9..cross hatching

My Inktober is jinxed.... Yesterday my dog, Simba chewed up my sketch book... So most of my earlier Inktober drawings became half eaten rags.... I was too pissed off to do any work yesterday.... Today I painstakingly taped the sketchbook back together.... then completed yesterday's pending drawing... Tried photographing it...
Artistically putting my ink bottle and pens on the sketch.
Before I knew it, Simba sa'ab walks by again, swishing his tail... And plop goes the ink bottle.
I didn't realise that he had chewed up the ink bottle too, and thus making the lid loose! And my sketch becomes a blob of black ink!!!
So lesson learnt... Keep away from inks and just use ballpoints and markers.
Ink bottles are not meant for careless people like me.... And who have a dog with an artistic temperament.

So from this...

It goes to this.... in matters of seconds.


  1. Shikha BhattacharyaOctober 10, 2017 at 11:39 PM

    Oh so sad. But you have to give it to Simba. He tried his best to add his mark and steared you away from ink bottles. Hugs to him and a tight one to you.

    1. thank you sooooo much. A hug back at you!
      But I wasnt sooo upset because I had already taken the photograph... if I hadn't then it would have been tragic... all my mehnat gone to waste!

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