Monday, October 30, 2017

INKtober2017-Days 27 to 29

I have tried a lot of different things and styles in these 3 illustrations.
The Day27 of October, aka Inktober was a Friday, so the obvious choice was a Fashion illustration.
Seeing I was craving for a cuppa coffee...I instinctively made a coffee mug illustration as well with the brown Rotring ink and black waterproof ink.

And then onto the freedom I feel while making ART!!
Did some hand lettering after ages... in fact since College days and it was pretty therapeutic while listening to Dire Straits and lettering with concentration.

A different sort of playing cards has been on my mind for a long time and though I had a rough idea of what I wanted... it took some trials and errors to get this sketch on paper.
Its still not nicely balanced out and not very neat, but then its on paper, not digital.
But I will definitely get around to doing a digital version of this pretty soon.
 So an inky Mughal Queen of Hearts for you, my peeps!

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