Friday, October 6, 2017

A recap of INKTOBER 2017 -5 Days!!

Inktober 2017 is going full on and boy am I busy!
A few Fauji commitments (its a horribly busy month), some work commitments, a lot of things to plan and execute in the house and also in terms of what I plan on doing professionally.
And the INKtober challenge that I have taken up... for the first time!

nervous? you bet....
Excited.... OMG!!
and soooper charged up.
And I am not going to give up mid-way or have a burn out as many do....
I have taken on a weekly prompt that will give me ideas on what to make on a Monday, Tuesday, etc.
I will try out as many styles and techiniques that I can in these 31 days....
And hopefully grow as an artist...
hop on for this roller coaster ride and see how I challenge myself and try out different things.
some may be good... while many may be horrendous, but they will all be definitely be fun to do.

So for DAY-1 (INKtober2017)
A quick... shadowey image that didnt take too much time. 
Waterproof ink and brush!

DAY-2 (INKtober 2017)

Not really happy with this one because I was travelling and just had my notebook+pen+a grey Copic Marker which turned out to be a dark grey rather than a soft grey.
And I was in the mood to give a bit more detailing and maybe a lighter wash of grey!
Though I am quite happy with the quizzical expression.

DAY-3 (INKtober2017)

I am not into doing a lot of tiny detailing in my work....But this month is all about working out of the comfort zone. So 3rd day was #Zentangle 
I have never tried it before and by the time I finished my fingers were tired. but it was fun! 
Made with a black ink pen and a marker.

DAY-4 (INKtober2017)

A quick drawing today from the streets because the prompt of today was street folks.
this was a photograph from the internet and i wanted to sketch it. I am pretty happy with how it came out. Its made with a pencil underdrawing and just ink and a fine brush. Not marker or pen. 


DAY-5 (INKtober 2017)

Today's self-prompt was "fantasy" and I was really keen on trying out at least one inky mermaid this month, so here it is. I wonder what she is thinking?

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