Friday, December 15, 2017

A Peek into my studio.

I love learning how people work...
what inspires them?
what gets their creative mojo going! how different is it from mine.
What can I learn and imbibe from their routine, styles and manner of working.
And one of the best ways to learn an artist's mind is to see what do they have on their work-table or work stations? esp illustrators and artists.
It tells a lot about them.
Are they cluttered? or neat? or like a war zone? (which mine usually is)
Men have posters and comic figures, and usually have useful products laid out... no frivolous items.
while women have flowers and candles, and knick-knacks...pretty things that many a time don't have much of a practical use, but looks good and makes them feel good.
Their desks are color coordinated and pretty (mostly)

My workspace can't claim to be color co-ordinated, or state of the art, because I have to make do with whatever furniture the Govt homes are given. But I certainly like to spruce up the space with my little knick-knacks and candles and flowers. And of course my favourite pictures and illustrations!
I love to make my space as colorful as I can, to get me out of the Monday blues and the days my mind refuses to function.
So here's a peek:

Flowers: check!
Aromatic Candle: check!
Little candies and cookies in the that tiny bowl there to combat the hunger pangs.

Hand painted recycled bottles, to twig pencils and my quirky quotes!

I have my weekly blog prompts... because when I sit down at the desk, I am usually blank.
So if its Monday, I have my prompt ready for the day which goes like "Monday Moods (decor or color)" or "Monday Moment (a quick sketch of me n my boys)" or "Masala Monday (which can be food oriented)"
Or if its Wednesday... I can work with watercolors and put up a "Wednesday Watercolor" post!
You see how it works? It gets me out of my blank mental state and makes me think and come up with a concrete blog post of the day!

And this is my main weapon when I am painting... which is not these days...
But when I get my blank canvases out, this recycled caddy helps me in myriad ways.
It has my apron and spray paints and acrylic tubs and all my brushes...
And the best part is: It has wheels!
So it can follow me around whether I am busy outside or inside.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

December 2017- a wreath and a tutorial video.

December is such a festive month....
and I love the chill in the air with wreaths, reindeers, Santas everywhere you look...
In the malls, shops, schools.
So to get into the groove of the festival here is my Christmassy Calendar for the month of December.
'tis the time to be jolly, y'all!!

And another one for you phone or tablet!

Also got you a bonus video of my work in progress in making this December wreath on Photoshop.
This and other videos of my art and sketching are also at my Youtube channel.
link is here at my Maryam's Art Studio Channel

Thursday, November 9, 2017

My Miniature Garden ideas and a November Calendar!

My baby sister is very passionate about miniature gardens and terrariums... and is pretty good at it.
Though I loved admiring all that she had made....but I never got bit by the bug.
Mainly because I didnt think I would be able to get the teenie tiny stuff, wherever back of the beyond world we lived in...and whether I'll have the patience to painstakingly make these tiny things.
But as one of our senior ladies of the station was leaving and she was pretty keen on plants and bonsais... I thought why not do something for her that she will remember!
So we bought a pretty, miniature Bougainvillea grown on a rocky bed... and asked the nursery chaps to lay in the moss and give some miniature mushrooms/birds to decorate with...
Took it home and started on a log cabin made out of twigs stuck on a tiny toothpick box...
got my Fevicol and my glue gun out and got started.
The little log cabin sat very well among the greenery with a white pebble pathway.
It was quite a task making it and the tutorial on how to make it will follow on the blog soon.

And then I thought why not make a tiny little chair as well?
There was an icecream stick that I used as a base to stick the twigs on... glued on the front legs first, and then the back legs were glued, which also go up to form the back rest of the chair....
Its a little untidy in a close up because you can see the glue, but looks cute when put with the surroundings.

I loved painting the cute little welcome sign on it, hung on a couple of twig poles.... I think it gives a nice look to the whole miniature garden feel.
The two little near the chair and a couple near the welcome sign complete the picture...

The nursery had also given a little rock stuck with 3-4 lady birds moving in a line...
So I thought why not add a little sign that says... "ladybird crossing"?
I saw it somewhere on Pinterest and I found the idea adorable.

Added a pretty little miniature plant to give a little foliage relief from the moss and the bougainvillea... And dont miss the tiny ceramic lantern hidden behind a tree. 

So this is how it eventually all comes together in the form of a cute little miniature garden....

I hope you like my little project, which unfortunately is being given away as a gift...
Though I am inspired enough to make another one for myself soon...
Will keep y'all posted! :-D

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Last two days of the INKTOBER 2017 frenzy!

I know, I know...October is long over, in fact its the 5th of November already and my monthly Desktop calendar is not yet made...
And I forgot to put up the last two Inktober 2017 drawings that I made...
They were up on my Facebook Page and my Instagram link, but somehow the blog lay forgotten!
The month of Inktober went by in a flash... and I am soooo glad that I took up the challenge.
Inktober I certainly hope to catch you again next year with a bit more ideas and a lot more better preparation.
But it was SO much fun!
Trying out new techniques, ideas, compositions and a few more things that I was a little apprehensive to touch!
Its been a learning month and I hope to continue with my upward curve, inshallah!
I will be putting up a YouTube video of the sketchbook and also link up here.
Stay tuned.

The Inktober Day 30 was a spooky pumpkin and a scaredy skeletal cat for Halloween...
Didnt want to make the usual gore and zombies....

and the last one, my finale seemed only appropriate to make a Scorpio woman as I am one too!
"She is mysterious, dangerous and extremely loyal...
She is a whirlwind of chaos, but she is so damn passionate that she is worth the hurricane!"
My finale as I bid adieu to Inktober-2017

Monday, October 30, 2017

INKtober2017-Days 27 to 29

I have tried a lot of different things and styles in these 3 illustrations.
The Day27 of October, aka Inktober was a Friday, so the obvious choice was a Fashion illustration.
Seeing I was craving for a cuppa coffee...I instinctively made a coffee mug illustration as well with the brown Rotring ink and black waterproof ink.

And then onto the freedom I feel while making ART!!
Did some hand lettering after ages... in fact since College days and it was pretty therapeutic while listening to Dire Straits and lettering with concentration.

A different sort of playing cards has been on my mind for a long time and though I had a rough idea of what I wanted... it took some trials and errors to get this sketch on paper.
Its still not nicely balanced out and not very neat, but then its on paper, not digital.
But I will definitely get around to doing a digital version of this pretty soon.
 So an inky Mughal Queen of Hearts for you, my peeps!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

INKTOBER 2017 illustration catchups! from a Tiger to a Witch.

I know I should be updating these here on my blog as diligently as I do on my Instagram account and my Facebook Page, but I somehow postpone and postpone till I have a BIG catching up to do finally on my blog!
But better late than never...
Here is a weeklong catching up to do on the blog of all my inktober drawings that have been done post Day19..... aka the Catwoman pin-up
For more INKtober 2017 drawing just head onto my Instagram account or maybe just type inktober on the search link located at the top right corner on the blog.

Anyhow... Day20 of INKTOBER 2017 was a Friday... hence a bit of Friday Fashion was required!

INKtober Day21 was all Sepia toned.
I had discovered a bottle of brown Rotring ink in a long forgotten pencil case and was itching to try it out for a portrait.... and also give a break to the monotony of just black and white images that I have made during the last three weeks!

With Halloween fast approaching Day 22 was for a witchy witch... loved making the background and the foreground pumpkin...
Also the graphic element of think lines versus the thick stripes and the contrasts of the stark blacks and whites!

Day 23 and I was still in the costume- Halloween mode....
why not a cute little pin-up drawing of WonderWoman for today?

Day 23 was a bit Japanese inspired, I think?
I remember seeing this kind of illustration on the internet sometime back and though I forgot to download it for future reference... it kinda stuck with me.
I remember a side profile with straight hair flowing down and a flower in the hair.
Did a bit of stippling (shading with dots) on the shading of the face for some relief.

Day 24 was for Tiger stripes....
I had completed this illustration with normal brush on the stripes...
not much detailing, but it didn't speak to me...
So to make it more interesting, I thought why not go the Zentangle route?
I was as it is, wanting to make one more Zentangle art before the Inktober marathon got over and I get back to my normal style of illustrations....
so a Zentangle Tiger it became.

Day 25 was again inspired by an artwork off the internet with this same quote...
but the illustration was kinda boring.
So I want ahead, kept the quote and made the illustration a bit more flowy and happy and in the mood, if you know what I mean??
I kinda like how this one has turned out.....

So thats all for last week's Inktober catching up.
will try hard to be more diligent with my updates.
I hope you all liked the different styles, moods and themes that I tried to capture during this month.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

INKtober2017 Day-19...Catwoman


INKtober 2017 day-17, 18,

Happy Diwali folks...
Been keeping up with the INKtober challenge and enjoying every moment.
Learning every moment.

A Happy Diwali to all of you....
I wanted to make an earthy and ethnic illustration for Diwali and this seemed just right!

Day 17: My dilemma every morning when faced with a blank page or a canvas....
So what do I make today?

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

INKtober2017 catchups... from owls to portraits to fairy homes.

Inktober 2017...Day-13 to Day-16.
I have a lot of my plate...
The Military Station where we are posted is really busy socially with a lot of dignitary visits and Coffee Mornings, Ladies Clubs events... esp. this month.
So it has gotten a little overwhelming for me to take out even a couple of hours every day and churn out my INKtober drawings.
On top of that my freelancing work is also on... though in spurts!
So life is getting a little overwhelming but I don't want to quit INKtober when trying to participate for the first time....
Not when I know that I need this "me" time when I can connect with the basics of Art, and get the rust out of my hands... and I can see my work improving day-by-slow-day....

So here is the Day-13.
I wanted to draw a well etched, detailed lion but by the time I was half-way through the sketch, I lost interest and ended up drawing a cute little owl.

DAY-14- A Graphic Art Portrait.

Wanted to make another real graphic illustration... lots of solid blacks and whites and stripes and solid line work.
I kinda like how this has come about... the pretty face as well as the rendering!

DAY-15.... Looking for the elusive inner peace.
Life can get overwhelming sometimes.

DAY-16... A teensie little Fairy House.

Friday, October 13, 2017

INKtober2017: Day12 Game of Thrones!

My Thursday prompt for myself is "fantasy" and last week I had drawn a mermaid...
I got a request from one of my dear friends to draw a Game of Thrones character this time...
And my nerdy self did a hallelujah coz I absolutely love the books and am obsessive about the TV series... I am in love with ALL the characters!
Well the character I find most interesting (to draw) is smokin' hot Drogo!
With his kohl lined intense eyes... grim expression, long braid and the rippling muscles.
He was straight out of a graphic novel and I had soooo much fun making him with all his muscles and intensity with a younger Danerys and a dragonish circle as the backdrop!

Mayb before the month ends I might do another GOT fan-art...
I think I just might!
Do let me know how you liked it :-)

and here's a closer look!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

INKtober 2017- day 10 and 11. cross hatching trials!

I was pretty confident of my cross hatching (drawing with crossed lines) and strippling (shading with dots) skills earlier, right after Art college, but its been sooooo long now, that my drawing skills seem to have gotten rusty.
Its quite difficult to get the lines to follow the contours of the face/body etc., now.
I'm trying harder, more deliberately, and its nor coming naturally...
But then this is what my INKtober is all about... to relearn the old techniques and keep trying out something new.
So even though I am not really happy with my lines... they are too amateurish, I will hopefully get there. inshallah!
And so, here are my INKtober Day 10 and Day11.
A sketch of a prancing horse and a sassy smokin' babe.

Can you see the "minute" improvement in my cross hatching lines??
can you??? teensie bit?
From the horse to the badass girl??
Look closely...

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

INKTOBER 2017- Day 9..cross hatching

My Inktober is jinxed.... Yesterday my dog, Simba chewed up my sketch book... So most of my earlier Inktober drawings became half eaten rags.... I was too pissed off to do any work yesterday.... Today I painstakingly taped the sketchbook back together.... then completed yesterday's pending drawing... Tried photographing it...
Artistically putting my ink bottle and pens on the sketch.
Before I knew it, Simba sa'ab walks by again, swishing his tail... And plop goes the ink bottle.
I didn't realise that he had chewed up the ink bottle too, and thus making the lid loose! And my sketch becomes a blob of black ink!!!
So lesson learnt... Keep away from inks and just use ballpoints and markers.
Ink bottles are not meant for careless people like me.... And who have a dog with an artistic temperament.

So from this...

It goes to this.... in matters of seconds.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

INKtober2017- DAY-8: Karvachauth Coloring Page

Its Karvachauth today...
A day when married women of India (esp of the northern belt) dress up in their bridal best, keep a day long fast without food or water, and pray for the long life of their love.
So today's Inktober2017: Day-8 is dedicated to these beautiful ladies.
And there can be no better way to keep yourselves occupied when hunger pangs are making you irritable.... than to take out the color pencils and get coloring!
This is a high resolution image to download, print and color.
And enjoy!!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Fashion for your Friday: INKtober Day-6

INKtober Day-6

I like the pose but I am not too happy about the hand holding the cigarette holder...
I realised later that the fingers are wrong, but then they were already inked in....
so cant change anything now! :-/
(Painted with ink and brush)

A recap of INKTOBER 2017 -5 Days!!

Inktober 2017 is going full on and boy am I busy!
A few Fauji commitments (its a horribly busy month), some work commitments, a lot of things to plan and execute in the house and also in terms of what I plan on doing professionally.
And the INKtober challenge that I have taken up... for the first time!

nervous? you bet....
Excited.... OMG!!
and soooper charged up.
And I am not going to give up mid-way or have a burn out as many do....
I have taken on a weekly prompt that will give me ideas on what to make on a Monday, Tuesday, etc.
I will try out as many styles and techiniques that I can in these 31 days....
And hopefully grow as an artist...
hop on for this roller coaster ride and see how I challenge myself and try out different things.
some may be good... while many may be horrendous, but they will all be definitely be fun to do.

So for DAY-1 (INKtober2017)
A quick... shadowey image that didnt take too much time. 
Waterproof ink and brush!

DAY-2 (INKtober 2017)

Not really happy with this one because I was travelling and just had my notebook+pen+a grey Copic Marker which turned out to be a dark grey rather than a soft grey.
And I was in the mood to give a bit more detailing and maybe a lighter wash of grey!
Though I am quite happy with the quizzical expression.

DAY-3 (INKtober2017)

I am not into doing a lot of tiny detailing in my work....But this month is all about working out of the comfort zone. So 3rd day was #Zentangle 
I have never tried it before and by the time I finished my fingers were tired. but it was fun! 
Made with a black ink pen and a marker.

DAY-4 (INKtober2017)

A quick drawing today from the streets because the prompt of today was street folks.
this was a photograph from the internet and i wanted to sketch it. I am pretty happy with how it came out. Its made with a pencil underdrawing and just ink and a fine brush. Not marker or pen. 


DAY-5 (INKtober 2017)

Today's self-prompt was "fantasy" and I was really keen on trying out at least one inky mermaid this month, so here it is. I wonder what she is thinking?

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

October 2017: INKtober fun!

INKtober is an online annual challenge to ourselves as artists.
Its taken up by comic artists and illustrators and art students from all over the world in the month of October.
Though it was originally created by an artist called Jake Parker in 2009 as a challenge for himself so that in the month of October he would put up a daily drawing on social media platforms... he would use only ink, i.e markers and pens and brush to draw and in the process go back to the basics.
But this amazing challenge has taken off, and how!!
It becomes an annual phenomena in the art world and everyone who can, jumps in, critiques and shares the ones that they like the most!
In this time of Digital Drawing, going back to the basics is very important...
To put pen and pencil to paper and then ink it in... with no scope of correction as in the digital art.
Its scary, but a whole lotta fun!
And all the more fun when u have updates coming from all corners of the world... each one's style is different... and there is soooo much to learn from just sharing and observing.
I have been following INKtober for the past 3-4 years but couldn't muster up the courage to join in...mainly because I was usually travelling or was too busy with some project or the other.
but honestly?
because I was chicken!
I didnt think I would be able to follow through... finish the full 31 days challenge.
And as it is all done in public view, as in, on all the social media platforms: from Twitter, to Facebook to Instagram...
One feels scared of giving up midway and losing steam.... and hence losing face.
But this time, bcoz I know I am going to be in one place, I am taking up the challenge.
Though October, socially is going to be a pretty hectic month for me... I think I can stick it out!
Do wish me luck.

So this month's October Calendar is dedicated to my fascination with the black ink...
INKtober it is!

I will be posting the other drawings that I have done... today being the third day of Inktober in the subsequent posts.

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