Friday, December 30, 2016

And its a wrap, 2016!!

The very eventful 2016 year has finally ended!!
and man what an year this has been!!
With lots of things happening worldwide as well as at the home turf in India.
some good... some bad but all in all an extremely eventful and surprising year!
So now its high time we wish 2016 just got over and we move onto a fresh start with hopefully fresher perspective and a cleaner, happier, empathetic and more tolerant 2017.

My life in my little corner of the world, the past year, has also been quite eventful....
And this post is a small round-up of all that I learnt, experienced, and shared!!

1- We said goodbye to the deserts and our regimental family for 3 years, and moved onto a new place..Rajasthan you are missed... your gentle winds, vibrancy, solitude, and beauty cannot be compared.
and my family for 3 years.... the wonderful and fun girls of my Regiment, you have been my backbone and strength- May you grow in leaps and bounds and shine always and wherever you are!

2- We welcomed a new member into the family (my one and only brother got married) and I personally was astonished and amazed at how well the new bride and sister settled in and bloomed!! I guess she realised we were all as crazy as her ;-)

3- I made fresh friends and caught up with some old familiar ones in the new place that we call home now...
I learnt to work hard and party harder! heheh!!

5- We went on a visit to the beautiful Japan and the amazing Hong Kong....
visited family and had fun in Macau...
An absolutely memorable visit!

6- Professionally I saw myself grow as well...
learnt a couple of new softwares and techniques...
tried my hand at making a video tutorial, and still have got to refine my technique.... and learn, learn learn!!

7- Also made some new connections that hopefully will bring a couple of my dreams to fruit (will disclose them in a while coz they are still in the nascent stage)

8- I tried a new technique in painting and am loving the way that it has defined my style...
Got a couple of half finished painting still to go and put up, then I can really see if I have evolved or not.

9- I felt amazed and humbled at people meeting me and recognising that I am "that Maryam" that they have been following and reading for so long!! That has definitely been the high point of the year gone by... the feeling that u are just not writing and drawing for yourself... there are living-breathing people out there who follow you and wait for your next post, calendars, recipes and tips!!
I makes me want to better myself and my craft... just for your appreciation and accolades!

10- I still feel surprised and humbled once more at the write up that came out in an annual Army Magazine (2016 edition) about me and my creative journey....
I hope it can inspire and motivate other young Army wives who have sacrificed their jobs to follow their hearts and their man across the countryside: that all is not lost if you have the passion and determination.... and that everything falls in place eventually....
you just have to stick to your guns and work real hard.

11- Learnt a new craft: Mosaic... and did some fun DIY mosaic stuff on old pots (click here)!

12- And how to Recycle old Jam bottles (click here)

13- Threw some fabulous (if I may say so) parties for my kids as well as a farewell to our commander's wife...
here are their links:

14- And how can a foodie like me, end the yearly round-up without mentioning the many new recipes that I tried.... some were successful but there were also some humongous failures...
the failures of course will not be mentioned here ;-)
but here are some successful recipes that I loved:

a) Lauki ke Kabab
b) Whole Grain Banana Pancakes
c) Easy Chicken Pot Pie
d) Fun Mocktail: Miami Beach
e) 3 Ingredients Mango Ice-cream
f) Whole Wheat and Oats Chocolate Crepes
g) Chicken Cordon Bleu with Pesto sauce (stuffed chicken breasts)
h) Egg and Alcohol free- Easy Tiramisu
i) Sweet and Spicy, Grilled Thai Chicken

I have been pretty satisfied with how this year has gone by.... I could have done better, maybe put in a more concerted effort, but it wasn't too bad was it?
So tell me, how did your year go? Are there things on your to-do list that you feel you definitely will get around to do in the coming year?
do drop in a line and let us know. :-)

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