Saturday, November 19, 2016

Saturday Stylista... a painting.

I havent really updated you all on how things are on my paintings front... just finished one, although as things are with oil paintings: you sometimes dont know when to stop.
As is with this one...
I feel its finished, tho there are still a few more things that I could've done...
or mayb will do so, a little later... because I am itching to start with my other one and somehow not getting around to it.
My background as an illustrator (fashion and children) has somehow formed this style of painting that I am following right now...
Its not really realistic but somehow more on the fashion illustration genre, though its done in oils and acrylics as well as mixed media....I love portraits and figures and good looking people and colorful art that makes me happy.
I just cannot stand gloomy, death eaters type of paintings or themes that depress you or make you think hard as to what exactly has been portrayed in this painting in front of me.
We have enough drama and depression and gloom all around us, and I wouldn't want to be surrounded by it in my home as well.
I also cannot be pretentious... I love making beautiful people and the more stylised, the better.
Don't go looking for some profound, deep theme or story behind my paintings....
They are just happy paintings and made because I liked/ loved making them....
that I would love to display in my home.
Although I would love it if you would like to display them in yours.  Just saying!  ;-)
So another sultry, tho' happy-colorful painting that I am sure you would like adorning that dull corner of your home.

and here's a sneak peak into the whole process as well as moi photo bombing.
And this is for you to put up on you Pinterest Board.

Really happy with how its turned out, tho its still looking a it unfinished....
but now I've gotto start with this one below- all sketched and ready and waiting for me.
Remember I had made a coloring book kinda Desktop Calendar for this month of November?(click here to see) and I was wanting to start a painting with the same pose?
Well here it is.
Will keep you updated on how this one turns out too!


  1. Totally agree with you Maryam that there is enough gloom around us ; so I would like to be surrounded by bright happy paintings which instantly lighten up our spirits bringing in joy n cheer....

  2. The painting has come out real nice... and as usual i love your write ups...!!!

  3. They are truly happy paintings.....Just wow....!


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