Monday, November 14, 2016

Monday Moods: Lets go Graphic Black and White!

My Monday Mood today is very graphic and bold...and not everyone's cuppa tea!
I haven't done a decor post for a loooong time and have been toying with a decor idea for my home (particularly living room) for sometime.
 Now, I have big black leather sofas that kinda dominate my space which I combined in the last posting with splashes of red and gold...
This time the combo is black sofas with blue and gold and a surprise splash of fuschia....(view here)
It seems to go really well and looks elegant,
but I am sort of bored with it now, and thinking of changing it in a few months when we get posted to a new place.
So this time why not go all black and white??
with mayb a relief of just gold?
How do you think it'll look?
so to pep myself up, as well as start preparing for my next makeover.. here are some ideas that are bold, graphic and and totally black and white.
And there are ideas for all of your rooms in this blogpost!
to just. maybe. inspire you to do a makeover? what say?
Now I am not suggesting that you start with the "poore ghar ke badal daloonga" enthusiasm, but mayb start with just your kitchen, or your bathroom?
So here is the Monday Mood Board for black and white inspirations!!

How about we start with the bedroom makeover if we want to do it up in stark black and white...
stripes, dots, zigzag and any kinda graphics... thats the idea!!
go bold in the framed prints as well.

How about these amazing cushions?
The bolder the print... the better I say!

And a study table and curtains of your bedroom done up in bold graphic prints. 

If you dont get prints but you come across some nice design on a cloth or even wrapping paper... have it framed and put it up to jazz up that wall.

and to go very bold... how about painting an entire accent wall black or dark grey to go along with the black bed post and the fantastic mirrored side table!
do you think this looks a bit much? I kinda like it.

Now that the inspiration for your bedroom is done- we move to the washroom or the powder room...
An extreme change would be to make one whole wall as your statement... with matching cabinets and lamps... dont you think this looks fabulous? 

or paint a wall black with a pretty black art print to jazz it up?

 This one is pretty too! with the brass fittings, pretty lamp and of course the red flowers! 

Black and white window as well as shower curtains + some graphic towels to up the design.

 This pretty bathroom shelf adds a lot of character to the room too.

If you want to add a bit of relief to the starkness of black and white... this turquoise does a fabulous job, dont you think?

We now move onto this beautiful living room done up in shades of black and white with an accent wall of grey, which looks not just elegant but very simplistic too... I love the play of the different mirrors on the grey wall!

Maybe one can have a focal point in one corner of our living room that is highlighted with fun art prints, graphic chair and elegant cushions.

or how about this side elegant settee, done up in black white and gold?

This one is exactly what I want... a beautiful combination of black white and gold.
It looks elegant and glamorous.
I think I'll go for glamour rather than  simplistic this time!

These black and gold lamps are sooooo gorgeous...
Where can I get them??

Or these beautiful silver candle stands balanced out by the black ones.... 

Another way to add a graphic feel to your room is to go all black and white in your favourite photos and frames... and put them up on the wall shelves.

How about a sparkling  clean Kitchen done up in simple monotone colors?

I would love to cook up a storm in a kitchen like this!

Maybe have a small elegant french toned sit out near the window?

Or a country-home feel in this white kitchen with accents of black?


How about this elegant black and white Dining Area?

And before we leave the graphic about some striking planters to add some interest to you exteriors?
You can paint your normal pots in black and white like I did with my old pots (here)

So did I inspire you enough to get you itching to start a color makeover in one of your rooms?
Do let me know if I did.


  1. Loved this high glam polished look brought about by the profusion of colors black and white which I think,is all about being sinful n saintly ; devilish n divine ; bold n subtle and yet very, very mesmerizing !! Rachita Sondhi

    1. Muuuaaah!!! Thank you Rachita for such a beautiful compliment on this post... glad you liked it!


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