Friday, September 2, 2016

Thrifty Thursday: How to reuse glass bottles as t-lite holders

We Indians have a thing with hoarding and recycling things...whether its those plastic/jute/cloth/paper bags that we with our shopping, or old pretty gift wrapping papers that we are loathe to throw away, old pickle and jam bottles that are used over and over again to store chutneys or spices in the kitchen...
Here I will tell you how to convert an old jam/ pickle bottle into a pretty t-light holder, but with a twist... its a sea/ocean themed t-light holder that you can use in your sea theme party (like I did)
Or use it in your bathroom decor to store your brushes and lip gloss... with a few star fishes in a little basket on the side.
Anyways here is how its done: 
These are the things you need-

I took transparent blue Camel photo color,
some white glue... either Mod Podge or Fevicol,
some water in a bowl... add the glue and a few drops of color
mix well to make a blue liquid and then paint onto the glass bottle.
Paint it in two-three layers till its smooth and not patchy.

Take some more white glue in your brush and paint the lower portion of the bottle with it.
take some coarse sand in a plate and roll the glued on part in it till well coated.

Take some straw strings and glue them onto the neck of the bottle like shown...
attach a couple of strings to hang below with a few small seashells glued at the end to add weight to the hanging strings.
Maybe you can glue on some more seashells over the straw at the neck of the bottle.

To continue to make a few more bottles in the same sea theme...
with a rustic feel-
what you can do with a little jute string and some pretty seashells...

They are used in the decor of the sea themed party that I threw a year back.

There are also other paints that you can use of you have them... glass paints also work as well and they have really bright colors to perk up some bottles...
like I colored these old wine, rum bottles and jam bottles in bright hues... gave a few some golden designs to give them a moroccan look and used them in an Arabian Night theme party

The old jam/ pickle /wine bottles lying around your house are like blank canvas... trust your imagination and get started to use them in varied themes in your parties or around the house in your decor...
I hope I have inspired you enough to get you to start hoarding!!  ;-)


  1. Very nice ideas. I will try some of them. You have rightly said we Indians have a knack of reusing and recycling things. I have made hanging planters out of old water bottles. Now I will try these ideas as well. Thanks for sharing.

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