Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday Moods.... a pop of yellow!!

The days are just flying by in a whizz and before I know it...
Monday's over!!
And because of the monsoons and slushy weather and the gloomy atmosphere...
I want a bright pop of color in my day.
The monsoon was very welcome at first, but after days of clothes staying moist... seepage on the walls slowly turning grey/green, and muddy shoe prints everywhere, much to my despair....
I really need a bit of cheer.
And what better color than YELLOW to brighten up the mood and get some sunshine into my gloomy day!

So here's a mood board for all you people who love yellow...
in all its forms and all its shades and all combinations!

In this post I will take you through some surprise elements in yellow that you can use all through your decor and make your home brighter... livelier...

Starting from a bright yellow DOOR!

An old bicycle painted the bright hue and converted into a planter for yellow flowers...

Brightly colored lanterns to brighten up a gloomy corner!

How about adding some razmatazz to your stair-case?

A pretty yellow console.. 

A beautiful BIG yellow painting above your bed. 

How about combining the bright yellow with a sombre grey?

Or with playful Turquoise Blue?

A fabulous chair for your living room upholstered in yellow?

Or a divine settee or couch?

Vibrant curtains to brighten up the room?

 Sunshine accent cushions?

Or a lovely, bathed in shades of buttercup-yellow Bathroom.... its gorgeous!

A lovely sunny painting for your dining/kitchen area?

Or paint the whole kitchen backdrop and cabinets yellow?

Bright yellow pretty pottery....

Lemons to add color to your Dining table?

A quirky, distressed yellow box with bright flowers....

I am absolutely salivating after this bedspread and pillows.... aren't they just beautiful!?

I think I have been brightened up nice and proper...
How about you?
Now to have some yummy, sweet, yellow american corn to round off the mood....
Just right for the season, eh?

Please remember that NONE of these images have been taken by me...
They have all been downloaded from the internet.

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