Saturday, July 2, 2016

July 2016 Desktop Calendar: Sunny Smiles.

As usual life caught up with me and my blog especially, got neglected for over a month...
What with kids' summer holidays (so some road-trips involved), my nomadic husband's yet another move to a new place (so all the moving and packing) and trying hard to complete pending freelance assignments and a commissioned painting before the move.... I simply had waaaay too much on my plate.
But like the saying goes... there's always tomorrow!
And tomorrow is finally here.
My new home is set- check (come visit me sometime!)
I unfortunately wasn't able to take any before and after pictures, but hopefully, next time.
My kids have started their new school: uniforms and books all taken care of-check
A reliable maid- check
Travel pool- check
Gymn buddies- check
Play-mates for the kids... the search is on

Now the only thing is to do, is get my studio in order!!
unfortunately this time I do NOT have a room to myself (miss the perks of being a Commanding Officer's wife)... this time the house is small, and the study even smaller, which I shall have to share wid my husband who will be studying this year!
Oh well, that just means that he will have to get used to my messiness :-P
So to start off the month of July on a great note... here is my offering for your Desktop Calendar for the month of July.
Its sunny smiles all the way!

Just right click+save. then select and set as desktop calendar.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for this beautiful calendar, Maryam. Glad to know you are on an upward swing.


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