Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Fun-Time: A Super Hero/Spiderman Birthday!!

My little one's countdown for his next birthday begins as soon as the guests have left, the gifts have been opened and the euphoria has come down...
Its usually that very night... when he is half asleep that he starts to dream and mumble about the theme for his next birthday....
So though I had been told or warned rather, a year before, that he wants a super hero birthday the coming year, I still wasn't able to do a lot of preparation from before.
As usual it was all last minute and with anything and nothing that was available in the back-of-beyonds where I live!
But with the little resources that I had, I think I pulled off a decent enough Superhero/ Spiderman Birthday Party!
And just a  few months later, my sister too celebrated her son's birthday with the Super Hero theme...
and I sent her a lot of printables that she could use in the decor.
Attaching those pictures here as well, so you can get more ideas!

My son's birthday, because he was wanting to wear his Spidy costume, was more Spiderman based than any other superhero, but there were enough of the hulk and the batman etc in the decor and games to make it an all encompassing Super Hero Birthday!

So to begin with here are a couple of cards that I designed for my nephew turning 5.
I super-imposed Yaseen's face on the superhero on Photoshop and voila!!

Once the cards had been distributed, I got around to getting some heavy duty felt cloth to make the eye masks and some shiny bright cloth pieces to make the capes...
Because how can the kiddos be super heroes without the eye masks and capes? and the more colourful, the better!

sorry about the crudely cut super hero masks but the kids loved them... they were prancing and flying all over the place with thier colorful capes.
Caught hold of just a few of them to quickly take a photograph!!

And here are the two Spidys and thier best friend!!

The decor was all done with lots of blue and red balloons (spidy color theme), colorful printouts and the lots of speech bubbles with the kryptonite cupcakes et all...

(part of my nephew's birthday bash)

(part of my nephew's birthday bash)
All these printables will be at the end of the blogpost, for you to print-out and use.

blue and red (or rather pink) colorful snacks!!

or have the colorful jello shots named after Hulk and Ironman...

Or these wonderfully creative Spidy strawberries?
Then of course you get loads of ideas off the internet for the superhero/spiderman cake...
My son wanted a Spiderman Cake, so Spiderman he had!

I also had a few easy to assemble games ready for the little super heroes to play!!
One was a Hulk face made out of an old carton covered with green florescent paper, and his huge mouth cut-out to throw the ball into!!
This game was a whole lotta fun!

Now isnt he looking angry enough??

The other game that was played was pinning the bat onto the Batman blindfolded!!
Each bat-logo had the kids' names at the back.

You can also have a relay race or passing the parcel of Kryptonite.. 

Maybe a game of catching the villain, where the child has to wrap his parents up in streamers?

Or toppling a stack of cans that have some villain logos or faces on them?

After that the only thing left for the super-kids is thier goody-bags.
And you can either have a Spidy goody bag like me-

Or have a simple goody bag with a Super-hero initial pasted on them, with a "Thank You for being a sooper friend" note attached... the printable of which is available at the end of the blog-post, of course!

So the party ideas hopefully were enough to help you in throwing a SOOOOPER Party?

and now for some FREE printables that you can download and print them out to use in your decor and gifts!
Please DO NOT use them for commercial purposes... just for your own home use.
(just cut along the circle given)


  1. Hey, this Super Hero/Spiderman Birthday was just fabulous. I am sure everyone over there had so much fun in this bash. The party arrangements are really cute. My sister also celebrated her daughter’s fairy themed 1st birthday party so grandly at popular Los Angeles event venues. It was really blasting.


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