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How to throw a Fantastic Monster themed Birthday Party!

Another fun-filled Birthday idea for you all...
This time my little one insisted on having a Monster themed Birthday party, and as we hadn't had a Halloween party last October, I jumped at the chance of playing monsters and vampires and witches... I had a ball doing up the place with cute little Monster goodies and decorations and fun games and eats!
I scoured the net for all kinds of ideas... and I will be putting up all those ideas for you... even some that I had no time for!
So you can throw yourself a fantabulous, roaring monster Party with just a little effort and lots of help from Google Uncle and Pinterest Aunty!

So, to throw a party for little monsters, the theme has to be cute... and you should have yourself a few party props (you can make some), a nice costume (my little one was a Vampire while the older one didnt want to make too much of an effort- just painted his face into Frankentstien green...)
some handy scissors and glue and poster paints, some face paint and voila... you are party ready!

Here is one of the easiest ways to make a three-eyed monster card that the kiddos will love!

1- Take colorful cardstock papers or old chart papers and fold them over, making one side a little bigger than the other.
2- Then cut out loads of googly eyes out of white paper... now I don't like to waste anything, so I used the plain side of old printouts for the eyes and pasted them...they worked just as well. Just added the black dots on the circles.
3- Cut out jagged teeth like shown and paste them on the underside of the smaller side of the fold.
You have the card ready...
I just pasted the invite on the inside of the card.

So the card was given out and done with...

Next we move onto the return gifts and I used the same kinda paper googly eyes and pasted them on small giftbags of neon colored paper... the brighter, the better!
In fact I would suggest that you make as many different sized googly monster eyes as you can and paste them every where... whether balloons or on yr table decor or even on your game decor...
Like this monster I created with a carton covered with neon glaze paper... cut- out the huge gaping mouth and pasted googly eyes on top with sharp teeth around the mouth... this was used as a prop for the game of "Aiming to throw the ball inside"...

here the kiddos are trying very hard to get at least one ball in!!

Googly monster eyes are everywhere... on balloons


and lamps...

or maybe Bubble wands gifts made with those plastic googly eyes and a marker!


and small monster tins to hold the cutlery


or monster tissue boxes to hold the plastic spoons and forks.


the decor can have an monster backdrop like shown here with a colorful sheet, white bunting as teeth and disposable plates as eyes... very creative!

or if its goes dark.. one can have these mummy lights, and ghostly pumpkin lamps to light up the night.

We played pinning the evil eye on the one-eyed monster...

or  monster cans bowling?

-or even playing passing the parcel with a some soft toy monster maybe?

-or a spoon race with a "Monster Eye" would be a big hit with the kids?

You can even give away Monster Making kit...


or a Monster Coloring kit....



I also had a lot of fun making the photo booth accessories... the more cutely monsterish they were the more fun the kids had... from three-eyes to the vampire teeth to the bloodshot single eye.

And then we moved onto the snacks and eatables... the highlight of any children's party...
one can have monster burgers, with tomato sauce blood dripping!

Or a fruit vomiting zombie?

or monster googly-eyed colorful cupcakes (the white chocolate googly eyes I had made the night before).... forgot to take pictures in proper light, hence the photo is a little grainy!

and they were soooooo many chocolate googly eyes that I used half of them for my monster cake as well!

And the to end the party with a big BANG.... have a monster pinata filled with monster cookies and candies and chocolates!


If interested in throwing a full fledged Halloween Party, a complete fun post along with FREE printables is here

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