Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday Gyan: Tips for Work At Home Moms!

So, to be really interested in this article, you should be belonging to any one of these categories given below….
You are highly qualified and had a fantastic job, but you had to give it up because:
A-    You got married and shifted to a small town with little or no job opportunities.
B-    You had to give up a hard-earned career because you decided to start a family, and now that the little one is going to school, you have a few hours to spare.
C-    You  fell in love and gave up your job, as you thought lets give domestication a chance, but now being “just a housewife” tag doesn’t seem to suit you.
D-   You decided to marry a nomad in combat boots, or in other words you have married an Army man, and teaching is not your forte, so you are looking for other avenues while you follow your man around the countryside.
E-    Your kiddos have grown up and don’t need you any more, but now its too late to start the corporate climb all over again, because lets face it, you’ve been out of the rat-race for far too long.

OR you don’t have such big degrees (like an MBA, Phd or Software Engineering) under your belt, but maybe you write well? Or have a great hand for drawing and painting? Or you know 2-3 international languages and would love to explore options like a translator? Or you have a hidden talent for crafts , DIY and want to start selling/ telling people about it? Or you have a penchant for selling things, and want to set up a shop online?
Whatever be your background, point is, now you want to take your life into your own hands and start working… but from home.
So that  you are home when you little ones come back from school, you are around when your maid comes knocking, and admit it, you like your quiet morning cuppa tea without the rush of going to office!
Working from home has its advantages:
1-    You can work at your own pace, and time schedule.
2-    You are your own boss! You can close shop whenever you want without taking anyone’s permissions and saving up for leave. (by far the best part)
3-    You can work till late at night, or early in the mornings… whatever suits your mojo.
4-    You can work in your pjs and no one is going to comment.
5-    You can listen to loud music, dance along with whatever office/creative work that you are doing, take a longish tea break while you watch the rerun of last night’s Blacklist that you missed. Who is going to ask?
6-    You can enjoy the “mommee I am home” moment when your kids come rushing from school, feed them, put them down for the afternoon nap and be back at your desk. Because that’s basically why you gave up your job isnt’t it? To relish these moments before they are gone forever.

But how to get the MOST out of the few hours that you want to work?
Because its very easy to slip into the break moment when no one is watching you… when the TV time or Facebook scrolling time goes on from half an hour to two hours maybe? And before you know it, the kids are home, the husband’s  home and the day is gone…. (believe me, I’ve been there)
And you realise that you have done next to nothing, the whole day!
So to buckle up and get cracking, and manage to get some work done along with all the distractions… here are a few tips.
1-    Stick to a schedule: Maybe make a timetable and also chalk in the times when you want to take a break, go to the gymn, make lunch and even half an hour of Facebook time! Stick to the work time that suits you best- my best output is in the mornings, because evenings with the kids and husband home… homework is to be done, quality time with your spouse and maybe going out… all have to be factored in.
2-    Get ready in the mornings as though you are going to work. Believe me it works, because no matter how much you value the freedom of working in your PJs, if you are dressed to work, you will work!!
Maybe even put on a dash of lipstick-what say?
3-    Zone out all the distractions… whether they are chitchatting with your neighbours, prolonging your breakfast/tea break, watching your favourite soaps, or constantly checking your Facebook and emails- even professional ones…. Maybe set your email checking/replying time to mid-day when your work output is slowing down.
Or like me- I even shut the internet down for a few hours so I can work.
4-    Let people know: that this is the time that you will be working, so that there are no distractions of family calls or commitments. Its easier said than done, because to convince people that you are home BUT you are working-is difficult….but one can try. So that you manage at least 2-3 hours of uninterrupted work.
5-    Take short breaks after every two hours to stretch your legs, or to do neck exercises. But don’t extend them!
6-    Don’t become complacent …. It’s a BIG huge online world out there… There are thousands of people who are better then you are… so why cant you be like them, or even better… research, research on who is doing what… and how? Push the boundaries! Give yourself challenges, esp. public ones so that you know there are people out there who will wait for your next move, whether its your latest designer item or a daily drawing (like me) and that will make you work harder!!
Because believe me its easy to get stuck in a rut if there is no accountability… esp. more so when you are working from home and you are your own boss. There is no one to crack the whip… you have to do it yourself!
7-    Have a website or a blog… from a free domain to start with, so that there is a web-domain that is completely yours, where you can post your art or your writings or anything crafty that you do… its your corner and you can do whatever you want on it… and also, it will be a web address that you can direct you potential clients/ followers to. With time you can work on it and make it better and bigger as you grow.
8-    Network and I don’t mean go out and meet people… you might not have the time for that. But network socially, on the internet… Join groups of like minded people, maybe on Facebook or any other internet platform. Join bloggers, artists, designers, writers forums…
If you are a writer- join a few writer’s groups, if you are an illustrator/Artist- join an Artist group.
They keep having those weekly competitions and topics that you can write/draw on… it will build up a group of supportive friends who can do critique of your work, or offer suggestions..
Because working from home can get quite lonely.
And it will also help you in building up a proper portfolio with a little push in the right direction.
So now that you have all the tips (up my kitty) on how to start working from home or maybe you already are, but you are not being able to give your best… I hope these tips help you get streamlined and motivate you to put your best foot forward and become successful, while working from home!
Which will not happen overnight, but slowly and steadily with a lot of hard work and a tiny bit of discipline.
         And if you want more wisdom and gyan on HOW to start working online, (my next post) or tips on how to draw and illustrate and even how to cook yummy innovative food in easy steps… do subscribe to my posts, so that they come straight to your inbox.


  1. Enjoyed reading it ๐Ÿ˜Š Thank you!

  2. This is so close as if you've lived it all. Looking forward to your next write up!

    1. thank you Versha... and yes its all from the heart... have lived it all and am still living it! :-)

  3. Useful tips maryam.
    I'm in the same shoes but after reading this realized i need to polish them better.
    This says being disciplined inside or outside is must.

    1. Its difficult... i know I struggled, and its not that i follow ALL these rules, all the time...
      but it helps!

  4. Wonderful. Dear thanks but I don't know the authentic websites to start with.I'm really want to do something.

    1. I will be putting up a post soon on how to work online and which sites are genuine.
      Keep an eye open :)

  5. Very helpful! Will definitely refer to this when I take the WFH plunge!

    1. thank you. And working from home has a lot of plus points, the most important being the sense of freedom.

  6. Felt like u were sitting inside my head and listening to my mind chatter... And put it across verbatim...loved it

    1. Great article.. totally inspired..!! But to do what.....?!! Ab pata chala how you managed with distractions like us....๐Ÿ˜˜

    2. Eshna Saharan... with distractions like you all... who needs to work??


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