Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wednesday Wah! DIY mosaic pots.

I had some old cement pots lying with me when we first shifted to Rajasthan two years back, and I had given them a revamp with a fresh coat of bright paint and some gold color and had also blogged about the whole procedure (here)
But after facing the harsh sunlight relentlessly for two years, the paint chipped and the pots started looking rather shabby.
Time for another revamp I thought....
and why not something different this time?
I had always been curious about mosaic and was really keen to try it out.
So I got in touch with one of my old college friend, who is an accomplished mosaic artist and took her advice as to what glue to use and to get a bare idea of the procedure involved.
And boy was I was raring to go!
I looked around for an old hardware+tile shop and got some old, chipped but colorful tiles at throwaway prices, as a start.
Now mosaic as an art is very painstaking and there are proper tools for it, to cut the tiles in the shape that you want.
But as I didnt have any tools at all, just a trusty old hammer - this is a list of the things that I got started with:
1- An old pot or any other surface that you want to do mosaic on.
2- Old colorful tiles from any hardware, sanitary store
3- A hammer to break the tiles into small manageable pieces.
4- Epoxy glue like shown below- with a little disposable plate that you can mix the two tubes of glue in, and a stick to mix it with.

5- White cement or grout to fill in the gaps in the tiles, and a medium sized bowl to mix the cement in with some water... another stick to stir it with.
6- A pair of disposable gloves that you should use when filling in the cement in the gaps (I didn't and my hands were tattered by the end of it!)

So now that we've got all the stuff ready, lets get started.
Here I have taken a small dilapidated flowering pot to cover with a beautiful mosaic design of red flowers, green leaves and a white background.

In this design I have broken a red tile, a light green tile, a dark green tile, a black tile and a white tile into small manageable pieces... and kept them all in separate packets or groups so its easier to fish out the right size.
Workng with mosaic is like working with a jigsaw puzzle...
You can have a random design in your head and just go along pasting the tile as you feel like (like me) or maybe you draw a design on the pot or the surface you want to cover and start pasting the colors as per the design.

Here I have started adding a few white tiles as I finish one side.

One side of the pot is complete, so I am ready to move onto the other side of the pot
Now one thing while sticking tile on a curved surface like a pot, is that the tiles keep slipping down.
So how I have worked is, I lay the pot on the side so the surface is kind of flat, and work my way on the design from the bottom to the top.
This way the bottom tiles dry, and when u move up, the tiles don't slip down.

One side is complete and I move onto laying the red and the green tiles on the other side.

While one pot is drying, I simultaneously work on another pot of the same shape. (so that they could be a pair)
But on this I am making an orange sun with yellow rays and a blue sky background...
pretty simple design with not much complications.
Its always better to keep it simple... at least at first.

Here the sun design is complete.

Now that the tiles have all been pasted and dried.... we move onto the filling the gaps with grout or the white cement in my case.
Please don't go by the picture- I implore you to wear gloves, you'll thank me for it.

The white cement has all been pushed inside the gaps of the tiles... and its time now to sponge it all off.
Wipe clean all the white cement caking the tiles with a damp sponge- so that the tiles start sparkling.

And your masterpiece is complete!!

And here it is in all its glory!
The red flowers and bright and sunny design.... all displayed with a lot of pride, and the enjoyment of the oohs and the aahs!

Now that the easy pots are done and over with... Next on my list is a round patio table with a pretty sunflower mosaic design. Cant wait to get started.
Will be posting pictures soon!


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