Saturday, August 8, 2015

Saturday Slurp: "Sunrise Surprise"

Saturdays are for partying...
Good food.
Great company.
Scintillating Music.
and of course pretty drinks!
one special Sunrise Surprise coming up!

Orange Juice
Sprite or any lemon flavored soda
Grenadine Syrup
Ice cubes.

1- Fill each glass halfway with ice
2- Fill 1/3 of the glass with Sprite and remaining with Orange Juice
stir gently to combine.
3- Add a splash of Grenadine syrup and see the shade forming as the heavy syrup flows down to the bottom of the glass... its a nice sunset gradient.
4- Garnish with a cherry or a thinly sliced blood orange wheel (ore a simple orange slice will do) and a pretty umbrella!

Easy Peasy!!

and in case you are interested in another extremely yummy, refreshing, mocktail...
here is a Virgin Mojito for YOU... (click here)

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