Sunday, July 12, 2015

My take on the #100SareePact via illustrations!

Hello everyone...
Sarees seem to be flooding the social media....
Everyone seems to be pulling out thier formal silks and chiffons and grandmother's classics and mom's hand me downs, looking real pretty.
We Army wives have a love-hate relationship with the saree...
We love to wear them but we hate to be forced into wearing them, and thats what usually happens in Fauj, coz no formal function is complete without all of us flaunting our chiffons and silks and crepes.
New wives struggle with the pleats or with the saree being too tight or too loose or tied too high up...
Or the pallu being too long or too short!!
I had never ever tied a saree before getting married- other than the usual farewell party in the school where everything was taken care of by mommy dearest!
So when I got married to my Prince Charming in combat boots and was told to drape a saree for our introductory party- I was lost!
There was no mommee to help me out of my dilemma of which side go the pleats and which side do we take the pallu!
I visualised the saree in front of the mirror and tied it to the best of my abilities... with safety pins all over the place!
And when I tentatively stepped in front of my all ready and crisp Fauji...
he told me to my horror that the entire saree was tied ulta!
The mirror image had fooled me!
So both of us pulled the pleats apart and tied it all over again, giving panic glances at the clock and harried looks in the mirror!
God only knows how we made it to the party in the nick of time because in Fauj- you cannot be late or early... but dot on stipulated time!
Now 12 years down the line of being married, I can get ready in 15 minutes flat, complete with the hair and makeup in place!
but those initial fumbling years where I took more than an hour to get ready still leaves me with a smile...
So here's to the beautiful saree and its wonderful ability to adapt to all body sizes and shapes and give it the elegance that only a saree can give!
I will not be posting any pictures of myself in saree- though God knows I might even have enough!
But my #sareepact will only be of lovely saree illustrations done by me...
along with a series that deals with beautiful and different draping styles and different blouses that give the classic saree an edge!
If you are following my page on Facebook:
I have been uploading my saree illustrations on and off...
but for those who havent... here is a round up of the illustrations already posted:

#1/100 image:

#2/100 image

3/100 image

4/100 image

5/100 image

That's all folks!!
Keep an eye open for more illustrations in the famed #100sareepact .
Will keep you all updated, but you can also drop in on my Facebook Page to follow the latest in my art and illustrations.


  1. Nice Illustrations, would love to see more of these :)

  2. Can relate to the 1st fauji party in a sari. Ur sketches add to the flavour.


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