Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thursday Thought with my morning cuppa and a watercolor!

Today is my elder son's 11th birthday, Mashallah! 
and seeing the joy on his face when we wish him in the morning and give him his much awaited gift... makes me feel loved and blessed...
There are so many things in life we take for granted...
don't thank the Almighty enough for the simple joys and pleasures that he has blessed us with...
So today's thought is for appreciating sooooo many beautiful things in life that we can be happy about...
For example a quiet cup of tea ( or coffee) in the mornings when the house is blissfully silent (and everyone is off to school and work) and you can sit and enjoy sipping a cuppa or two...

basking in the soft winter morning... with a banana muffin!

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  1. Wishing your son a happy birthday.. God bless him and his parents... and yes i agree when you say we must sit back and appreciate for the small small things we have. We often look at the big picture!

  2. that is so beautiful.. many many happy returns of the day to your son.. Happy birthday


  3. Happy Birthday to the big boy😊. MashaAllah time flies so fast. Lots of love you him. Your thoughts as beautiful as this picture.


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