Saturday, February 28, 2015

Saturday Art School: A Watercolor Fashion Portrait

Been missing from my Saturday Art School a little too long...
Though I have a lot of fun Art tutorials lined up for all of you... a bit of watercolor, a bit of sketching and even a few oil painting tips and cheats ideas...and of course- my favorite kids cartoon tutorials.
but we will get to all of those by and by...
first up is a watercolor tutorial for making a fashion portrait
whats with a fashion portrait you ask?
Well- firstly its from a fashion photograph and is slightly more minimalistic with bolder strokes than normal traditional watercolor portrait.
One person who does FANTASTIC fashion portraits is David Downton and I always look to his work for inspiration.

So this is the portrait that we will be learning to paint:

we start with a sketch of the face in a light pencil:

Add a watery wash of skin color around the upper eyes and side of the nose (watery burnt sienna)
and a bit on the eyebrows as well. (mix of raw umber or a darker shade of brown)

Add a little more of the wash around the side of the face that is flanked by the hair as well as a little darker hue on the cheekbones.
Add a few strokes under the eyes as well as the shadow of the lips+nose -like shown.

Add a light wash along the jawline with the same skin combo
Add a watery vermilion color for the lips- leaving a bit of white in the centre of the lips as shown.

Now take a wash of yellow ochre for the initial layer of the hair (just simple strokes)
and the add a bit of burnt sienna to the yellow to add some depth.

Continue with the other side of the hair- using the same loose strokes.

Take diluted prussian blue mixed with a teensie little black, and draw a clean stroke on the upper lids of the eye as well as the centre of the eye.
A little lighter stroke on the edge of the lower lid as well.
With a darker shade of brown (burnt sienna) add some depth on the lips too.

Now for some detailing with the same shades of blue- with and without the tinge of black...
to color the the eyeballs as well as the eyelashes.

Follow the same steps with the other eye as well as darken the pupils slightly as shown 
in the picture.
Darken the eyebrows and the eyelids as with a fresh wash of diluted color.
Add a shade darker to the lips- not in its entirety, but where its shown in the picture.

Add a few strokes of washed out-diluted black in the background- esp around the lighter hair- to bring out the golden beauty of the hair.

Darken the black now and use oncentrated color but with real loose strokes to darken the background and the scarf that she has around her neck..
Add a few diluted strokes in the hair to add more depth.

 and voila! the pretty woman is complete.
 I hope you found the tutorial useful and it has inspired you to get started?

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  1. Nice way of teaching.... Truly Artistic!

  2. wow.. loved the way you have explained every step in detail.. Though I have a good hand but I am not a good teacher.. So gonna follow your blog.. Here's my gallery Brushstrokes


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