Monday, January 26, 2015

Happy Republic Day India

Enjoyed the morning Republic Day Parade on TV and the laziness of the holiday mood...
so forgot to put up this post in the morning...
Fashion in Triclor!
Happy Republic Day, India...

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  1. Beautifully done, I love art too and sometimes set down to paint and draw :) Happy Republic Day!

    1. thank you Arti- do let us also see yr artwork sometimes :)

  2. I adore your work Maryam. Thanks for sharing this beautiful beautiful art :)

  3. Thanks for sharing Republic Day Celebrations information. Republic means the supreme power of the people living in the country and only public has rights to elect their representatives as political leader to lead the country in right direction. I would like to say thank you to give me such a great opportunity to speak something on our Republic Day.

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  5. Lovely . Republic day is very important and all must understand its value. As Indians we are proud of this celebration. We in Bangalore have planned to spend this day with family rejoicing the parade and jhanki displays . Also we have booked a table at restaurant offering Republic Day treats. Check :


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