Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Fun-time!! throw a fabulous Kiddies Halloween Party!!

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It is "BOO" time all over the world and no matter how many nay-sayers there are for Halloween...
I absolutely luurve the fun of a costume party and the dressing up and the fun of the decor+eats!!
For people who would like to know what exactly IS Halloween and what is the story/history behind it... here is my blog post on "what the ---- is Halloween?"
Also, I have been wanting to throw a Halloween party for a long time....
So whether I throw a real party or not... here is a virtual Halloween Party for you...
To start with you must realize that witches, bats, owls, pumpkins, skulls are all an integral part of the Halloween hoopla and to make the party+decor authentic- you should incorporate most of these elements!
here is a link (click here) to one of my earlier posts where there are free printables that you can use as your Halloween party invitation.

Or maybe a more crafty version of the invitation would be this?

DIY steps of the card here

Now that the invites are out...
how about getting down to the decorations?
A lot of ideas are given here in one of my earlier blogposts on decoration of your front yard/ porch in the spookiest way possible... (click here)

Then of course you can make spider webs in a lot of innovative ways to do up the house like given below:

a spider web made of trash can bag-click here

Or lots of bats all over the walls- click here

Do up your window with a black yarn spider web- click here

ghostly faces made out of white yarn stuck on balloons to make these big ghostly faces! click here

white pillar candles given a spooky look by melting a red candle over it! click here

Balloons given spooky faces with a marker!

The markets are usually full of skulls and skeletons during halloween (unfortunately not the Indian Markets) and they can give a real authentic horror look!
 image via here

Or you can have a silhouette of a flying witch plastered on your wall or mantel? image via here

stick bandages all over mason jars and add googly eyes like given here and you have ghostly lanterns.

Fantastic napkin holders made out of the readily available vampire teeth...
a few more decor ideas:

Now that the decor is over and done with...
how about some gruesome-creepy eats?

monsters cakes with creepy faces- click here

and for some more gruesome food ideas- click here

how about some eyeball garnish in your drinks? click here

Or maybe some "mummy" hot dogs? click here

Or some fruit salad out of a monster mouth?

And now that the eats are done...
here is a link to some fun Halloween Games: Click here

Or better still- have a pot luck... do up the decor, lay out the mats and the durries... get some pop corn and have a kiddie Horror Movie Night
my personal favorite:

So, how many of you have thrown a Halloween Party? Got any ideas to share?
Or maybe I have inspired you enough to have a Halloween Party of your own?
And for more party ideas please click here

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wednesday water colors...

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Inspired by yesterday's flora and fauna post of my garden (to read-click here) these are a few watercolors that I did....
Mt pretty lilies in the pond...
My delicate butterflies hovering around...

Monday, October 27, 2014

Tuesday Tour: of the flora and fauna of my garden in the Deserts...

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Been in the deserts for nearly one and a half years and have been allotted a house with a garden for a little over a year now....
The garden wasn't actually all that well planned when we initially got it... no landscaping except for the border flower beds around the garden which had no flowers to speak of...
randomly placed trees- dunno why....probably to provide shade in the immense heat of the summer... but having a big bougainvillea and a neem tree bang in the centre of the garden?
I didnt really mind becoz I dont ever follow the straight path... but my Army husband's sense of proportion and straight, tried and tested design sensibility was offended!
But we didnt want to uproot it becoz it was the only thing providing a bright fuchsia color to the otherwise barren garden.
And then a huge sandstorm hit us one day and did the deed...
the big offending bougainvillea tree was uprooted!
So we quickly filled the gap with grass- and all was normal and in line with my dear husband's Regimental world again!
The other thorn in the eye was the Neem tree, the base of which I surrounded with lilies (which though did not flower the full year) but gave a nice leafy base....
planted a few hybrid poppies too at the base of the neem tree to give it color.
Added a bright red Bird house and my neem tree finally got accepted!
Now its a haven for the feeding birds-chirping every morning perched on the tree house!
here is a peek into the birdhouse earlier and after being painted a bright red.

.......and my daily morning visitor on the neem tree, the proud chameleon who suns himself every morning.
I have even painted the colorful one (here)!

My garden is divided into two parts because the driveway is in the middle.
At the entry to both sides to the garden, I added wrought iron gates over which I grew a morning glory climber that grew lush in no time and gave out pretty purple flowers through out the year!

You can see my boys' little machaan peeking through the ivy covered gate, where they play most evenings... sometimes Pirates and sometimes Chor Police!

A look at a couple of more cute and whimsical bird houses that I have scattered around the greens...
the first one (the yellow one) is a double story bird house!

This is one of the many little nests that I stumble upon every so often...

A look at some lush green corners around the house.

My occasional visitors when the flowers are in full bloom!
Pretty butterflies!!

And drum-rolls please.... the one feature of my little garden that I am extremely proud of!
A small lily pond that in this one and a half year has flourished and grown lush with beautiful flowers and lots of frogs for company...
I have surrounded it with a lot of whimsical, colorful little objects that, I feel, have added to the magic of this tiny haven with the musical gurgling sound of the small earthy fountain.
I love curling up here with a book many a morning or getting out my watercolor sketchpad and letting my inspiration take over....

the many little frogs that have made the tiny pond thier home...

another shy one peeking out!

and now a few pictures of the central beauty of my lily pond...

and so the tour ends...
I hope you like this little green oasis that I have managed to create in the arid land of the deserts...
I will definitely be putting up a post on "how to make a little lily pond with a small DIY fountain" soon, so that you can also create something similar or take it as an inspiration to make one of your own.
To have a look at some beautiful flowers that I had last spring in my garden please click (here)
and I end this post of my wonderful flora and fauna with my two boys' two little buddies...
named "Flight" and "BunnyHopper"

Images: copyright- DAL DONUTS and DOODLES and please do not reuse without written permission.
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