Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wednesday Watercolors with December 2014 Desktop Calendar

I have been gallivanting around the countryside attending weddings, and meeting relatives, lots of hectic travelling-hence the absence from the internet...
but as many people have reminded me- I am as usual late in putting up my December Desktop Calendar...
Apologies my dear friends, but my New Year resolution is definitely to keep track of the days- esp my promised monthly Desktop Calendars...
So this time I tried a little harder...
made a cute little watercolor from a photograph off the internet, of a red vintage car with a christmas wreath...covered in snow..
Doesnt it give just the right christmassy-wintery vibe??
and goes perfectly with my December theme!!  :-)
I do hope you all like it and accept my apologies for the delay!
and of course Happy Holidays!

please right click, save and then set as desktop image...


  1. Wow...such a nice and Xmasy calendar.. Beautiful work :)

  2. I am awestruck to see this. Its beautiful Maryam and I love your work. Thank you for sharing :)

    1. thank you sooo much for the compliments! glad u liked it!

  3. Creative art! Really hard to draw and paint for me!! Hats off madam!!

  4. Im growing so jealousbof your talents �� its like a perfect desktop wallpaper for the season. I cant help but shower words of apreciation on your painting skills!!! Way to go.


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