Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Food for the soul: Banofee Pie.

Thank God Its Friday and is the time for some indulgence...
....and there goes your plan for any kind of diet!!
Also, as I haven't posted any new food recipes for a long time, I'll start with a pretty looking dessert that apart from sounding exotic- is extremely easy to make.
Its also very delicious+calorie high and addictive...
I just had a teensie weensie bit and gave the rest to the kids who devoured it in no time!
be careful of the sugar rush side effects in the kids coz I had to deal with a hyper active 5 yr old till wee hours of the night!

This sweet dish is called "Banofee Pie" and you know why?
becoz its a combination of.........    
you guessed it- banana and toffee!!
and you know how this absolutely decadent toffee is made?
By double boiling a tin of condensed milk...
this tin of creamy condensed milk takes on a rich beautiful toffee color and flavor!
and is absolutely divine in this dessert and you can also use this rich toffee as a topping over your bowl of vanilla/butterscotch ice-cream  or even a cheesecake... ( I will be putting up a recipe for that combination real soon)
So here is the easy-peasy recipe for you:

1 tin of condensed milk- I used Milkmaid
3 bananas
2 cups of heavy whipping cream
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 small bar of plain dark chocolate

for the crust:
1 and half packet of digestive biscuit.
I stick(100gms) of softened (not melted) butter

1- First put an unopened tin of condensed milk in a pan of boiling water for an hour...
yes for an hour so that you can get the nice golden toffee color in the condensed milk.
2- while the tin is boiling... prepare the crust
 -put the biscuits in the blender and bled till coarsely blended.
 -take it out of the blender and mix the soft butter with the biscuits well, till it resembles breadcrumbs-should be well mixed with your hands.
 -Smooth the mixture into the pie dish.
 -Keep it in the refrigerator to chill and harden up for a couple of hours.
4- Now that the one hour of boiling is up, take the milk tin out of the boiling water and let it cool.
5- Once the chilling time of the pie crust is up- take it out of the fridge...
6- arrange layers of sliced banana on top of the crust.

7- Open the condensed milk tin.


8- Pour over the layers of banana in the pie dish.

8- Whip the cream till stiff peaks form.

9- Spoon over the banana n toffee mix- smoothen with a spatula.

10- Take a piece of Dark chocolate and grate it over the pie.

11- Put the dish back in the fridge to really chill and set- at least 4-5 hours.
12- Just before the guests come, run a knife all around the edges, and push up gently from the bottom of the pan so that the pie comes out of the pie dish cleanly.
13- garnish with some more chocolate wedges and serve chilled.

Doesnt it look just divine?? Especially if you have a sweet tooth or a craving for something gooey and yummy and sinful... this is just the right treat for you.
I dare you not to try it at least once!!

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