Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesday Tutorial: Making Giant Flowers for a Party!

Been quite busy with a lot of things and events the last couple of weeks.
One of them was a coffee evening that we hosted yesterday.
Now Coffee Evenings or Coffee Mornings in layman terms is like ladies club event...
i.e. a get together of Army wives with some good eats, some chit-chat and an occasion to dress up!
Usually there is a theme- for the decor and dress code and a maybe a couple of games.
Yesterday's evening soiree was flower themed and though I will be posting a full post dedicated to throwing a Flower Themed Party- complete with the invitation and the games...
But for today-here is the first tutorial for the event- how to make a GIANT flower as backdrop for any party... maybe even a little girl's birthday party.

Sorry about the scotch tape peeking from the walls but as the desert air here is very windy and would have torn my beautiful delicate flowers to shred in no time- we had to tape them to the pillars!!
We had two BIG flowers at the entrance pillars and a lot of smaller tissue flowers on the gifts and decorations.
will give tutorials for those as well, but for now this tutorial is for giant colorful flowers.

Things needed for one flower:
-10 sheets of bright tissue paper or kite paper as its known in India (I have taken pink)- for the main petals.
-4 sheets of contrasting tissue paper for the centre color (I have used yellow).
-a piece of floral wire or any other bendable wire that you can get your hands on.
-Scotch tape and a stapler.
-A pair of sharp scissors.

Lay the layers of 10 sheets on a flat surface- (remember to stack them together -dont fold)
Draw three different sizes of petals on them and cut them out (like shown in the picture below)
If you have to make quite a few flowers- it would help if you drew the shapes on a stiff paper as a stencil and then just trace them on different colors of stacked tissue papers.

Now take the 4 sheets of centre color, stack them one on top of the other, fold in half.
Now cut the sheets in half so that you get two stacks of papers.
Take one stack of paper and fold in a fan shape.
Tie the centre with the floral wire, leaving about 3 inches of wire free- like shown in the picture below.
cut both ends of the fan in thin strips 1/2 way down the length.
And fluff up the ends (a little carefully so as to not tear the strips) so the they become fluffed up like a ball.

Take 3 petals of the smallest size... scrunch the smaller ends and either tape them together with scotch tape or staple them. Take care to fan them out like shown in the picture below.

Take the centre colored paper (yellow) that you have folded and tied onto a wire in step 2.
The tied up paper should have been fluffed up by gently pulling apart the various layers so that it resembles a ball.
Now carefully tape the bunch of 3 petals that you had taped together in the previous step to the wire as close to the yellow papers as possible.

Now attach the next set of stapled small petals to the flower.
Keep attaching the petals in different layers (beginning from the small to the big) all around wire of the centre ball of yellow color....

And your Big, Beautiful Giant Flower is ready to hang or attach anywhere you like!

The full Party idea of flower theme will follow on my blog real soon!!
As well as tutorials of the other flowers that I had made for the event...given below!


  1. Very lovely Maryam. The way you teach is very simple and easy to make :)

    1. thank you Ravish- the main purpose is to make things simple and easy to follow, glad you think so.

  2. Nice one..may i know your email id? this is something regarding blogging contest

    1. thank you :-) my email id is scorpio1576@gmail.com


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