Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday moment: Only you can be Be "YOU"

There are times in everyone's lives, when we go through periods of self doubt and feelings of "what am I doing??? maybe.....with my life? my work? my relationship" etc. etc.
Or "Is this the maximum/best that I can do?"
or gosh!! how has the day flown by? + and I have nothing to show for it?
These past few days have been somewhat like that and I have been just procrastinating...
I am generally not the kind to feel miserable about things, go in a deep trance for all my failings, in fact my somewhat of an upbeat attitude sometimes grates on the nerves of people who want to be left alone to brood...
But surprisingly my upbeat attitude has been missing the past few days... lotta reasons...
but none too big that they can't be solved!
So, gotto dust off my cobwebs, shake myself up and get going!
and today's watercolor quote is just what I want to hear!
and for all my friends and readers out there who feel that the world is too big and maybe too harsh...
just hang in there...
You will feel better tomorrow...
For those who feel that they are being under-appreciated for all that they do- at work or at home ...
YOU appreciate yourself first...
give yourself a reward for the good work done, you won't need anyone else's appreciation!
and for all those who are going through a tough time personally.... believe me when I say that if God closes one door... He is sure to open another one for you.
You just need to believe and keep going.


  1. something surly to think about .. it is true when the going gets tough.. we need to toughen up .. as the tough get going ..


    1. yes absolutely- one must never give up... just believe and go on- problems do get solved.
      thanx for dropping by :-)

  2. wow..minimalist art at its best!


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