Friday, August 15, 2014

Happy Independence Day celebrations everyone!

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Hello everyone and a very happy and patriotic Independence Day to all of my Indian readers!
The last few days have been reeeaally busy and is going to get even busier in the coming Independence Day weekend, so even though I was planning on making something special in tricolor for our Nation's most important day, wasnt able to.
But fret not, I have rounded up a lot of different tricolor recipes, which though are NOT mine, but look tempting enough for you all to try this 15th August.
The link back to all these yummy and different recipes are given just below each image.
Hope it inspires a  lot of you to get creative and patriotic this 15th August and give your meal a twist of our tricolor!

Tricolored Spiced Rice (click here)

Idlis with tricolor chutneys (click here)

Tricolor Rolls (click here)

Tricolor Sooji halwa (click here)

Tricolor Sandwiches (click here)

Tricolor Sooji (semolina) Dhokla (click here)

Tricolor Cheesecake (click here)


  1. Wow, all tricolors :) Superb, I am wearing a tricolor band on my hand today, but that is not something for showing off. Wish I could be able to eat any one of those dishes :)

  2. WOWOWWO.. hats off those are beautiful tri-colored dishes .. BEAUTIFUL



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