Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Fun Drink-Virgin Mojito!

Last month I tried my hand at a lot of mocktails and yummy drinks and smoothies- mainly becoz it was 
Ramadan and also because our Annual Raising Day(the day our unit was established) and Eid were at the end of the month...

so lotta reasons to have parties!
And what better way to have a party than to serve up some good looking, colorful and delicious drinks?
This is by far the yummiest and freshest mocktail that I have had and its soooper easy to make!
the trick is to use fresh lemons and fresh mint to get the flavors to burst in your mouth!

Okay a tip... I tried making the lemon and mint concoction a little earlier and kept in the fridge so that I wouldn't waste any time when the party starts, but by the time, after about one hour when I started to mix the drinks, the mint had started to turn black :-/
so though the drink tasted as good, but didnt look so good...
and for mocktails- the drinks need to look good with bright colors and pretty garnishes...
So I would suggest that you must not make anything (except the lemon curls and wedges etc) from before... just follow step by step and serve the drink at once.

VIRGIN MOJITO (a mocktail) 
serves one glass.

take a bowl and put a handful of mint leaves and 2-3 lemon wedges in it.
crush with a wide bottom spoon so that the mint oil and lemon flavor gets nicely intermingled.
Take a tall glass (preferably a high-ball) and pour the crushed lemon and mint concoction.
Fill the glass with icecubes.
Pour any lemon flavor fizzy drink like Sprite or 7Up till the top
squeeze a dash of lemon
stir with a stirrer so the the flavors all mix up (leave the stirrer in)
Garnish with a lemon wheel and mint leaves.
Maybe add a lemon curl like in the picture above!

isn't it easy? 


  1. I would say its a friday - saturday - sunday drinkkkkkkk tooooooooooo :) slurppp slurppppppppp


  2. Great pic and recipe. Just looking at it refreshed me.

  3. it looks realllly good... will def try.. and the picture is amazing.. :) makes it look really refreshing.. :)

    1. and its soooooper easy Saffu- a big hit with everyone!


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