Saturday, August 30, 2014

Today's Daily Drawing - Hello Weekend...

Now.... "this".....
is what I want to do this weekend....

no one (and I mean no one) to disturb me...
just me, my thoughts and some great music :-)
sipping a mojito...
rocking gently in the breeze...
leaves rustling softly above me... whispering some long forgotten story....
the gurgling of the nearby pond...
and Nora Jones on a loop...

Fashionable Friday!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Saturday Art School: A Majestic Lion

My Art School usually ends up being a day late, but I think its Saturday somewhere in the world!
So today's Art School is for the kiddos that like the king of the jungle...
the Majastic Lion!











Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Fun Drink-Virgin Mojito!

Last month I tried my hand at a lot of mocktails and yummy drinks and smoothies- mainly becoz it was 
Ramadan and also because our Annual Raising Day(the day our unit was established) and Eid were at the end of the month...

so lotta reasons to have parties!
And what better way to have a party than to serve up some good looking, colorful and delicious drinks?
This is by far the yummiest and freshest mocktail that I have had and its soooper easy to make!
the trick is to use fresh lemons and fresh mint to get the flavors to burst in your mouth!

Okay a tip... I tried making the lemon and mint concoction a little earlier and kept in the fridge so that I wouldn't waste any time when the party starts, but by the time, after about one hour when I started to mix the drinks, the mint had started to turn black :-/
so though the drink tasted as good, but didnt look so good...
and for mocktails- the drinks need to look good with bright colors and pretty garnishes...
So I would suggest that you must not make anything (except the lemon curls and wedges etc) from before... just follow step by step and serve the drink at once.

VIRGIN MOJITO (a mocktail) 
serves one glass.

take a bowl and put a handful of mint leaves and 2-3 lemon wedges in it.
crush with a wide bottom spoon so that the mint oil and lemon flavor gets nicely intermingled.
Take a tall glass (preferably a high-ball) and pour the crushed lemon and mint concoction.
Fill the glass with icecubes.
Pour any lemon flavor fizzy drink like Sprite or 7Up till the top
squeeze a dash of lemon
stir with a stirrer so the the flavors all mix up (leave the stirrer in)
Garnish with a lemon wheel and mint leaves.
Maybe add a lemon curl like in the picture above!

isn't it easy? 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Today's Daily Drawing: Thursday Thought of the day!

Top post on, the community of Indian Bloggers

Just finished a project last week, for a Saree Designer based out of Singapore and man did she have some beautiful designs... Had a lotta fun doing the illustrations, though they turned out to be a teensie bit more work than I anticipated...
but what the heck- they were beautiful designs!
I have used one of them- the one I liked the most in terms of the saree design as well as the illustration as a backdrop for today's Thursday Thought.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday moment: Only you can be Be "YOU"

There are times in everyone's lives, when we go through periods of self doubt and feelings of "what am I doing??? maybe.....with my life? my work? my relationship" etc. etc.
Or "Is this the maximum/best that I can do?"
or gosh!! how has the day flown by? + and I have nothing to show for it?
These past few days have been somewhat like that and I have been just procrastinating...
I am generally not the kind to feel miserable about things, go in a deep trance for all my failings, in fact my somewhat of an upbeat attitude sometimes grates on the nerves of people who want to be left alone to brood...
But surprisingly my upbeat attitude has been missing the past few days... lotta reasons...
but none too big that they can't be solved!
So, gotto dust off my cobwebs, shake myself up and get going!
and today's watercolor quote is just what I want to hear!
and for all my friends and readers out there who feel that the world is too big and maybe too harsh...
just hang in there...
You will feel better tomorrow...
For those who feel that they are being under-appreciated for all that they do- at work or at home ...
YOU appreciate yourself first...
give yourself a reward for the good work done, you won't need anyone else's appreciation!
and for all those who are going through a tough time personally.... believe me when I say that if God closes one door... He is sure to open another one for you.
You just need to believe and keep going.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Happy Independence Day celebrations everyone!

Top post on, the community of Indian Bloggers

Hello everyone and a very happy and patriotic Independence Day to all of my Indian readers!
The last few days have been reeeaally busy and is going to get even busier in the coming Independence Day weekend, so even though I was planning on making something special in tricolor for our Nation's most important day, wasnt able to.
But fret not, I have rounded up a lot of different tricolor recipes, which though are NOT mine, but look tempting enough for you all to try this 15th August.
The link back to all these yummy and different recipes are given just below each image.
Hope it inspires a  lot of you to get creative and patriotic this 15th August and give your meal a twist of our tricolor!

Tricolored Spiced Rice (click here)

Idlis with tricolor chutneys (click here)

Tricolor Rolls (click here)

Tricolor Sooji halwa (click here)

Tricolor Sandwiches (click here)

Tricolor Sooji (semolina) Dhokla (click here)

Tricolor Cheesecake (click here)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday Slurp! Vegan Vanilla pannacotta with Mango mousse

This is one of the prettiest desserts that I have made till now....
doesn't it look classy? and exotic?
and very easy to make!
and what is Pannacotta you might ask.....
it means "cooked cream" in Italian.
And this Italian creamy dessert has been beautifully combined with luscious mango puree and delightfully light mango mousse.
And with this beautiful layering... you will get a stand up ovation when you serve it to your guests.
And for all those vegetarians out there... its vegan,
that means its made of not gelatin but of China Grass or Agar Agar as its also known.
the whole procedure on how to use china grass is given here for your reference.

for people who are comfortable using gelatin, please use the same proportions as agar agar like given.

For the bottom pannacota layer:
heavy cream- 500 ml
sugar 5 tbsp
vanilla essence 1 tsp
gelatin pwdr/ agar agar 2 tsp
water 3-4 tbsp (warm if using agar agar)
cardamom powder 1/4th tsp

1- If using gelatin, pour over cold water (and use like given on the box)
or else agar agar over warm water to dissolve for 5 minutes.
2- Take a heavy bottomed pan and heat the cream and sugar till the sugar melts.
take care not to overheat the mixture
3-While the sugar is dissolving, heat the agar agar mixture in a small bowl, and stir till completely dissolved and clear and no lumps are formed.
4- Place the bowl over a vessel full of iced water and cool the mixture till its just warm.
5- In the meanwhile, remove the cream mixture from heat and add vanilla essence.
6- Pour this cream mixture over the gelatin/ warm agar agar and stir till dissolved.
7- Add the cardamom powder and mix well.
8- Tilt the individual glasses at an angle and pour the cream pannacota till its full at 1/3 of the glasses.
9- keep in the freezer  (tilted) till you prepare the next layer, preferably for an hour at least, to firm up.

The middle Mango Coulis layer.
mango puree- 1 cup
sugar 2-3 tbsp or depending on the sweetness of the mangoes.
1/2 cup cubed mango
lemon juice 1 tsp
cardamom pwdr- a pinch

1- In a pan add mango puree, sugar and cardamom and simmer on low heat for two minutes. Take it off the heat, add lemon juice and mango cubes, mix and allow to cool.
2- Pour over the now firmed up cream layer after tilting the glasses in the opposite direction, till its full at 2/3 level of the glass.
3- keep in the freezer, tilted for another couple of hours to freeze up (because this layer does not have agar-agar.)

The top Mango Mousse layer.
mango puree- 1 cup
sugar 5 tbsp
whipped cream 2 cups
agar agar- 2 tsp
warm water 6 tbsp

1- If using gelatin, pour over cold water (and use like given on the box)
or else agar agar over warm water to dissolve for 5 minutes.
2- heat the agar agar mixture in a small bowl, and stir till completely dissolved and clear and no lumps are formed.
3- Place the bowl over a vessel full of iced water and cool the mixture till its just warm.
4- In the meantime heat mango puree and sugar till dissolved.
5- Add the warm agar agar solution to the warm mango puree, mix.
6- Fold in the whipped cream, mix lightly.
7- Add this mousse in piping bags, or you can even spoon the mixture over the other two now frozen layers, till it reaches the top of the glasses.
8- put back in the fridge to firm up for another 5-6 hours.
9- Garnish with slivers of mango or toasted almonds.
10- Serve chilled to a lots of ooooohs and aaaahs!
and thank me later... :-)

Thursday, August 7, 2014

AUGUST 2014-FREE DESKTOP Calendar... Children of the world...

Wish the World was a playground...
beyond boundaries and without hate...

and on this note, here is this month's August Desktop Calendar.
Dedicated to the children of the world, becoz in every strife, every war, it is the children who suffer the most.
We HAVE to work hard as responsible citizens of the world to make this a better place for our children.

If we are to teach real peace in this world,
and if we are to carry on a real war against war,
We shall have to begin with the children.
-Mahatma Gandhi.

please right click+save, then set as desktop picture.
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