Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thrifty Thursday! Giving a new life to an old window frame! a DIY project.

thrift |θrift|

1-the quality of using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully : the values of thrift and self-reliance
"in simple words- to try and re-use things and NOT let them go waste!"

Last week my crafty soul-mate, my dear friend Bazma, shared with me some pictures of what she had done to an old decrepit window frame that she found lying around neglected in her store.
and man hasn't she done a beeaauutiful job of it?
Its got a wonderful distressed look to it, with no particular effort that has gone into it...
just with two colors, a sandpaper and a brush.
So I asked her to explain the full process with me so I could share it with my readers.

So here goes...
1- Bazma took an old dilapidated small window frame, hammered a piece of wood at the base of it, to make a small shelf. 
This is how it looks closed.

And this is how it looks open.

2- She took two colors- a bright blue and yellow, a 1 inch basic brush, sandpaper to rough in the edges, and kerosene oil to thin the paint and also to clean the brushes with.

3- Though the old window had some kind of a greyish paint on it, Bazma didn't really remove it, she just sanded the peeling paint off as much as she could..
4- Then she gave the whole window a bright yellow coat, not worrying when the dry wood kind of soaked the paint in, coz there was going to be a blue coat on top.
And as it is, she didnt want an absolute perfect finish.

5- Now was the turn for some blue fun!
This time the brush was kept a bit dry, as in, not too much blue paint was taken at a time and then applied on the yellow... leaving patches of yellow where the dry brush didnt apply color.

6- She finished painting the entire window with the blue color, with a dry brush, so that the yellow peeks out here and there.
Once dry, she took the sanding paper and rubbed on places to add a more distressed look.

Here it is with a small succulent plant in a teenie tiny pot.

And here Bazma has given the plant arrangements a nice whimsical touch with the blue window frame peeking out and holding a cute little tea-pot!

Doesnt it look pretty?.
Thank you Bazma for being the inspiration behind today's thrifty/recycling post.
For any of YOU who have had the "aha" moment when you've felt that yes I can make that sad looking so-n-so thing in to a something beautiful, and you want to share it with me, please do get in touch with me, either here on this blog or at my email:
Who knows- you and your wonderful DIY project might get featured here! 


  1. wow! This is great and so is your blog. Can't wait to read more posts from you.

  2. Lovely arrangement! Cute look to an open window! Love your blog :)


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