Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tuesday Breakfast Treat... an egg as well as an eggless version!

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I love trying out new breakfast ideas... especially if you have enthusiastic eaters like my two sons and thier father!
Like cottage cheese pancakes, as my kids hate eating paneer (cottage cheese) in its usual form, so I disguise it!  (click here)
or stuffed french toast (click here)
Or yummy easy apple crepes (click here)
Or even delicious stuffed dinner rolls (click here) which makes for an awesome breakfast change!

But today I go authentic... 
So, nicely baked eggs for you?
Or creamed potato and toast for the vegetarian alternative?

Its absolutely simple to make and looks great!

You can make them in single, small baking pie dishes that can take just one slice,
Or you can make them in cupcake pans if you have them.
it really doesnt matter, all depends on what you have and how many you want to make!

BAKED EGGS ON TOAST with veggies.
1- So to start with, take a single slice of bread... press it flat and thin with a rolling pin or belan.
2- lay in in individual (greased) pie dishes like shown, or in (greased) cupcake pans.
3- add a couple of spoonfuls of sauteed veggies if in a pie dish, if in a cupcake pan, then there wont be much space so you can just add one spoonful of sauteed veggies, or do away with it altogether!

4- Break open on egg on top of the veggies like shown
(its a single egg by the way- just has two yolks!)

5- Add some salt and pepper, sprinkle some cheese on top (any cheese, coz my days of being particular about cheeses is over- I just grab whatever option is available... in this case- normal Amul Cheese tin)

6- Pop it in the oven for 10 minutes at about 150 degrees C or 325 degrees F, till it gets browned on top and the bread is crispy.

This egg option is healthy...baked, using just a teensie bit of oil and with veggies and a single slice of whole wheat bread... What can be better?

Now for the vegetarian version:


Here the process is the same, as in press the bread flat with the rolling pin, press it into a greased pie dish, or a cupcake pan.
just spoon in creamed, corn potatoes, top with grated cheese and bake!
The creamed potatoes are made with cooking boiled and grated potatoes with milk, cream and sweet corn, with a dash of salt and pepper,
It should be creamy like a paste (not runny)

and now please go ahead and enjoy this scrumptious breakfast with a chilled glass of watermelon juice or a coooold coffee!
And do tell me if you try them out...  :)


  1. looks yumm.. have to definitely give it a shot.. :)

    1. its a nice change Saffu and tho both my kids are off eggs these days(dunno why)
      but both me n faisal relished it!

  2. Lovely food shots. I think I'll try the creamed potatoes :)

    1. thank you Vinodini :) creamed potatoes are yummy... cheesy and creamy.

  3. Oh god oh god oh god.. This makes me feel so hungry now.. :).. I can't get the corn one out of my head :)

  4. It's good to go through this post at my lunchtime. Will definitely try this out in my eve snack. Thank you Maryam for sharing your skills here :)


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