Saturday, June 7, 2014

Today's Daily Drawing: Maleficent Magic-2

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Though Today  is Saturday and hence its time for Saturday Art School,but...
I will be first posting the Maleficent watercolor that I did 3 days back.
Why today you ask?
because 4 days back I had made another of the famous Disney Villain, Maleficent image- more graphic and more arresting... (view here)
and I had promised my friends that I would be putting up the other version asap!
so while you enjoy this watercolor...
I go work on that "art school tutorial" for you...
psst... as requested by a reader- its going to be Chutki (of chota bheem fame)
the step by step on how to draw Chota Bheem is (here)


  1. Superb Maryam :) You have got the great potential to surprise me every-time with such drawings. Thank you for sharing


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