Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thursday Thoughts.... with poppies on my mind!

I have been drawing/painting poppies, these days, mostly from my own photographs taken in my garden...(for a look at the pretty blooms- click here)
Those poppies are long gone now, (its blazing hot here) but hopefully these watercolors will remain, and remind me of the lovely but short spring that we enjoyed in the deserts!
Why poppies you ask?
Its because a client wants a set of 3-4 poppy watercolors to adorn the walls of the new house that she is moving into in a few days...
So I have poppies and more poppies on my mind these days!
but on hindsight I think I might ask her to incorporate a few other colors as well?
Maybe a yellow california poppy, or a pale pink one...?
what do you say?

Oh, and if you want to paint a poppy yourself... here is a simple tutorial: (click here)

And as today is Thursday, its time for the "THURSDAY THOUGHT"
so I leave you with this...


  1. Such a wonderful piece ! nice work !

  2. Lovely quote and a beautiful watercolor rendition :)


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