Sunday, June 22, 2014

TGIF!!! How to Make your Home a Party Den!! with a Moroccan or Bohemian Theme...

I have always wanted to write a post on how to throw a themed party....
mind you not for the kids, I have already done that (an Angry Bird theme (here) and a Chota Bheem theme (here) but for the bigger children.... like you and me?    :-)
who want to play make believe and dress up and have fun!
But I didnt get around to writing that post because firstly, I hadn't thrown an adult theme party for a long time, and secondly who had the time or the money or the resources... at least where I am!!
But here, today I am going to throw a virtual theme party for all of you after seeing a blogging competition at the online store called FabFurnish...
and of course I want to participate!!
and win prizes... and have fun writing this post!

OH and an update....taking part in my first blogging competition... and I won the FIRST prize!!!

why? because its a fun theme and easily arranged, esp. if you are living in a place like Delhi, where Old Delhi and Janpath Markets are a treasure house of supplies.


now moroccan would mean generally a mid-eastern theme... 
with lots of colorful lanterns and cushions, hookahs etc. etc.
I will lay it out simply for you...

1- Lets do it low seating... with lots of rugs and moroccan style poufs or floor pillows and bolster pillows...
the more colorful and ornate- the better!

2- Now how about we go for the tent like look around the seating areas.. which can be achieved with draping sarees, stoles or sheer curtains like shown below.
This effect can be achieved in an outdoor seating in your lawns or balcony, as well inside in your living rooms.

3- Time now to think up some magical low-lights and lamps and lanterns and lots and lots of floating candles...

You can also make these t-light holders out of mason jars or jam/pickle jars that have been painted and given the mid eastern look by 3D gold paint. (here)

Or get the ready made ones from Janpath or Old Delhi...
the more colorful, the better!

4- Lots of shimmer and gold and glass to complete the decor...
with flowers like bougainvillea and fragrant roses to perk up the surroundings... 

5- And of course this party cannot be complete without a few hookahs scattered near the seating...
of different flavors...
My personal favorite is Green Apple!


6- So now that we have the decor and the ambiance done...
How about we move onto the grub?
Food is the mainstay of any party... it can make or break all the effort that you have put into it...
So plan carefully and go with the theme...
My personal favorite would be Barbecue... but then it involves a lot of effort from the host, so if you can have that in somebody else handles the barbecue while you sit back on the floor and smoke the hookah and enjoy the platters of the yummy kababs... go for it! 
The theme for this kind of party would definitely be lebanese... or Mughlai...
and I have some ideas for some easy snacks that we can dish up and leave to the guests to help themselves...
think platters of olives, and baba ganoush and hummus and pita bread...
how about this platter?


or just crispy pita bread(which tastes quite like whole wheat naan) with hummus?

an easy baba ganoush recipe is here

Or even Falafel (chickpea cutlets) with Tahini Sauce and pita pockets.(or simply rolled up with naans)

with juicy kababs and sausages and stuffed bell peppers with cheese!

The recipe for a fabulous mediterranean salad with pasta, olives and Feta Cheese (here)!

Serve these yummy delicacies in colorful platters and bowls that give out a wonderful exotic vibe!

And now for the fun part!!
How about a dress code for our guests? something bohemian and gypsy like......
flowing caftans and palazzoz and scarves or flowers in the hair?
like these examples?

or more modern examples would be....

or if we want to go chic hollywood... 

And so we are set... 
the theme-check.
the decor-check.
the food- check.
the dress code-check.
Oh we forgot the invitations....  how about these??

 and now that the guests are just about to arrive...
 fairy lights are twinkling...
the lamps are glowing...
the music is playing the cliche "mehbooba....mehbooba"  :-D
or maybe authentic arabic music... a la Elissa or Nancy Ajram...
and I am waiting to welcome my guests with a sprinkler of fragrant rosewater and chilled glass of khus khus sherbet or Rooh Afza...

(oh... and a  secret... I have a belly dancer tucked away in the backroom as a special treat for my guests)
I told ya.., I make a fabulous host!!  :D

Disclaimer: NONE of the images shown in this post are taken by me...
all have been sourced via google...
the links that I could source out have been linked back, but the rest, my apologies!

'This blog is a part of's FAB TGIF contest' 


  1. Great post. Absolutely u make a great host.
    Wow, I am tempted to be invited over to a lavish themed party with fairy lights, hookah, great food.

    1. thank you Manjulika, would definitely send you an invite when i throw my moroccan theme party in reality!
      :) but you gotta come bohemian!!
      checked yr blog and loved the way u write esp. the poem about Oman- all the best for the competition!!

  2. Great Maryam.......Its a kaleidoscope of beauty,beauty and beauty. what a riot of colours,mirrors and drapes ! ..I am intoxicated !

  3. Wow! What a great colorful party yours is gonna be!! Congrats on the win!!

  4. Wow!! What a great colorful party yours is gonna be!! Congrats on the win!!

  5. Truly exotic theme, Winning is well deserved. Had a lovely time reading this ! amazing research on every aspect of the mid eastern theme :)

  6. I’m moroccan and this decore is quite close to the authentic one! it’s creative, I love it.. and that mint tea is to die for, try it and u’ll get hooked :) Get more info Miami Event Rentals Service

  7. What a nice Moroccan setting, and so well you did on the menu!
    If you come to Morocco, we should sip some Mint tea :)
    Get more info Moroccan Prop Rentals Service

  8. Very interesting and detailed round up of inspirations... :D

  9. wow!! what a colorful page, lots of interesting pictures.

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  11. wow!! morocco theme is very awesome
    all picture is very beautiful. thanks for sharing


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