Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2014 Free Desktop Calendar: Its summer time!!

Summer is at its peak (read 48-49 degrees C and climbing).
The kids have thier summer break.... (roll of the eyes)
The sun is so effing HOT the whole day in the deserts (starting from 8 am to nearly 7pm) that we cant think of venturing out of the sultry confines of the four walls we call home!
The days are spent being sluggish and cranky and getting at each other's throats- I know, I know... I am a mom, I shouldn't be getting at everyone's throats... I should take a deep breath...
practice Yoga....
and just smile and bear it... this too shall get over!
and look forward to the evening where we can dump our crankiness and grouchiness into the cool (read tepid warm) waters of the swimming pool.
we haven't really had a "holiday"- holiday (if you know what I mean- c'mon you can't call taking off for heavy election campaigning a holiday?)
And I feel especially bad for my dear workaholic husband, who hasn't taken a day off since he joined this station last year!
So in anticipation of a break we, (read I) dream of taking soon and in remembrance to the fantastic summers we spent in the U.S (when was it? a year ago or eons ago?)
oh well....

So Here's this Month's Calendar!
(please right click and save, and then enjoy it as your desktop calendar)

while I take a deep breath, count to 10 and go break up the WWF wrestling match between my very own John Cena and Batista.


  1. Hi Maryam, your art is sooooo mast (MashaAlla)! What do you use for the outline work in your art work? I mean rotoring pens are a strict no-no for me, I can't handle it at 90 degrees. If it is something else then kindly share the trade secret with me. Altering pressure is something that I can manage. Gawd! but don't tell me that you do it with a 000 brush and water colors. I mean I can't manage that too...

    1. hahahah... i like the way you fired your questions at me, Samreen,
      thank you for liking my work and yes- I DO work and outline with a brush, i find the lines more fluid and lovely than with the rotoring pen,
      tho' I do use a rotoring once in a while for fashion illustrations.
      other than that- the illustration above has been drawn digitally in Photoshop, via a digital sketch tablet.
      I hope this answers your queries- in case you need any more info- feel free to send me a message!
      and thanx for visiting my blog once in a while... :-)

  2. Thanks for the reply. The textured surface kinda fooled me into believing that it has been done on a canvass, so I thought that maybe you have used a croquille pen for the outline work.
    I have bookmarked your blog.
    It seems that portraits/sketches are your forte although you are almost perfect in other illustrations too (MashaAllah)

  3. this has been my wallpaper since you published it... thank you for your gift...!


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