Sunday, June 15, 2014

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!! a digital illustration for you!

This is an old illustration of mine that I had made in the month of February as a desktop calendar...
It was made in the memory of my father who passed away in December last year,
I had come across an old photograph of all four sisters, (we are five of us) piled on top of our father and he was acting the long suffering horse!!
It brought back so many bittersweet memories of our childhood that I had to make this illustration.
Today being "Father's Day"... this illustration is dedicated to ALL the fathers out there, esp of little girls who have wrapped their daddys around thier little finger.
and to my father:
"Happy Father's Day Abba...
we never celebrated this day when you were with us, but now that you have gone... today seems more poignant without you. May Allah grant you maghfirat. ameen."

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  1. that is really touching indeed... :)

  2. Hi Maryam! Please guide me with it's price and purchase. I would really love to buy it :)


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