Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Fun-Time!! A super easy Chota Bheem Birthday Party with lots of FREE printables!!

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I know, I know....  I am a couple of months late in putting this post up but I was out in the midst of wilderness with lots and lots of activity and had absolutely no time!
My little bear turned 5 on 9th March and we had celebrated it with a Chota Bheem Theme on popular demand...
I had already done an Angry Bird theme (click here) for my elder son in the month of February, (just a month back) and was planning on doing a scaled down version this time, but my little one wouldn't have it...
And why would he? He wanted whole nine yards... 
All that had been done for his elder brother....
the cupcakes and the themed cake and face painting- ALL of it and on a grander scale if you please!!
So I took a deep breath and dived right in...
Now for the Angry bird theme... the internet is buzzing with ideas...
but for the Chota Bheem theme- there is not much happening, other than return gifts and theme caps etc...
and where I live, even that is not available!
so I had to think out of the box and turn to my trusted printer for practically everything!
But dont worry-I have got everything laid out for you to throw a fantastic Chota Bheem Party of your own.

Oh and in case anyone is interested in getting thier kids to draw Chota Bheem...
here is a link to a drawing tutorial that I had done earlier of Chota Bheem (click here)
and if your little girl likes to draw Chutki... here is the tutorial of Chutki as well  (click here)

1- We started with a home made square chocolate cake that was decorated with fresh cream icing and Gems (or M&Ms) that the kids love...
and of course the grinning Chota Bheem face drawn very crudely by yours truly....
Even though the cake lacked the finesse of a market bought cake- the kids loved it... and I was happy because everything was fresh and homemade!

The invitation card of the Chota Bheem and the gang inviting you for the PAARTYY!!
(the free printables are there at the end of the post)

And of course the all time party favorites... colorful cupcakes  for the children to drool over!

As usual with the lack of any good party paraphernalia available in our neck of woods...
I had to resort to taking printouts of Chota Bheem and sticking them to Dora the Explorer Party Favor bags...
which was the only party favor bag available here and how could a boys' party have a "Dora the Explorer" in thier midst??

 So stick or rather staple on the Chota Bheem faces onto the shiny party hats and voila...
You have Chota Bheem Party hats as well!!

which the little ones absolutely adored!
its another thing that the flimsy hats didn't stay on for too long!

And now for using my grey cells to come up with Chota Bheem Games...
I just went with very simple games because the kids invited for this party were all younger kids...nearly all below 6-7 years.
So a Blindfolding game where you have to put a laddoo, (circles cut out of yellow chartpaper) onto Chota Bheem's outstretched hands...
the one closest to the right place wins!

Next game was a Treasure Hunt.
I had painted golf balls with yellow poster color to make them look like the yellow laddoos that seems the staple diet of Chota Bheem and then hid about 15 balls all over the garden...
The kids had a blast hunting for the laddoos and the winner of course was the little one who found the most laddoos!

another game was of the tried and tested musical chairs which of course led to a lot of crying and tantrums because none of the little ones wanted to be told that you are out of the game...

So to pacify the howling and to bring back the smiles, I quickly got out my magical face paint and went on a tattoo painting and a face painting spree!
The smiles and the giggles were back, so were a few butterflies and little tigers and the painted Bheem tattoos!

 yummy eats and great music with fantastically simple games and decor...
Now who wants to throw a Chota Bheem party of your own?
I am here to help you along...

for the invites... just print this image twice on an A4 size paper...
fill in the details- stick it in an envelope and you are good to go!

Then these are some more printables that you can use to stick on goody bags, or on top of party hats or wherever else you think you might use them.
Maybe on banners or posters?

I used these printed on A4 paper and cut in the centre and pasted on goody bags!

These were printed on A4 again and then cut out individually and pasted on party hats!

And then these are cupcake toppers...

just right-click+save, print on A4 card stock paper or else if on normal print paper, then glue them on some heavy chart paper and then cut them out.
Tape a toothpick at the back and then stick it onto a cupcake!

 and now as an extra bonus:
how about some Chota Bheem Masks that you can print on A4 paper and punch holes at the sides, add some elastic to hold the masks in place...
Believe me, the kids will love it!

So now Who is going to throw a Chota Bheem Party for thier li'l one??
And I hope you remember to send me an invite as well!!  :-D


  1. Lovely and inspiring........ You certainly gave a Bheem of a party :d thoroughly enjoyed the snaps. :)

    1. thank you Kokila for the words of appreciation! :)

  2. Beautifully written... amazingly illustrated.. love the pictures ...wish I was a kid again.... you make it all look so easy and in a place like that....after reading the post...totally motivated!!!!

    1. thank you Sugandha- glad to motivate- esp as u are aware of the kind of place and situation we fauji wives r in!

  3. Beautiful Pictures :) well written post !

  4. Absolute riot of an idea - love it! great creativity and what fun - Owais is lucky to have you for a mum - keep these blogs coming x

    1. thank you Kamal! its always great to hear you cheer me on!

  5. Hi these sounds creative but i think there is some error at your end as i am not ale to see any pictures!

  6. Such beautifully planned theme based birthday party i am sure you made his day special and memorable. Infact I am too planning a theme based birthday party for my daughter!!

  7. Dear..

    Beautiful arrangements.. and well written post.. nice to c all pictures... all the printable are awesome. helped me a lot in planning my chota bheem party.. :)

    cheers to u....

    1. Really? You made my day- i am really glad to be of inspiration for someone's birthday.
      Thank you for dropping by and letting me know!

  8. Honestly i want to confess something you are totally made for art. I'm in love with you and your work. I'm awstruck!!!!! love your work. How can i connect with you ?

  9. Hi Maryam..
    Accidentally I came through ur blog n let me tell u made my son's bday party on 23rd July n d theam is non other than Chota Bheem...Ur blog is very inspiring n informative... Thank u so much its very

  10. Hi Maryam..
    Accidentally I came through ur blog n let me tell u made my son's bday party on 23rd July n d theam is non other than Chota Bheem...Ur blog is very inspiring n informative... Thank u so much its very


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