Thursday, May 22, 2014

And so the 2014 Election Fever Ends..... till we meet again! :)

And so we lost…
The massive Modi wave has, as expected, swallowed up my brother's election.
Even though it was a by-election and had nothing to do with the tussle going on for the Centre…
But as in war there is always collateral damage and my brother's election was caught up in the middle… just plain wrong timing!
A non-local person, who had done absolutely no campaigning, whose face people saw for the first time in the newspaper when he won…wins just becoz he flaunts a lotus!
Mind you, its a Modi wave, NOT a BJP wave…which is worse I cant say- a dictatorial leader who will have NO one to reign him in or a Party that has been built by fanning the communal feelings in our country and has poisonous people like BJP candidate Giriraj Singh and Togadia who want to ship us all off to Pakistan (click here) or take away our right to build a house anywhere we want (click here)!

Oh well… I agree that the people of India were desperate for a change and that they are hopeful that for once, there might be a Government that takes a stand on most issues relating to our floundering economy and security and foreign policies etc. etc.
Promises… promises….
Like a lot of people that I met during the door to door campaigning who insisted on explaining to me why Modi is going to be good for our country and should be given a chance …"what harm will he do, tell me?"
And so India has given him a chance… and that question above is something that now time will tell..
A lot has been written over and over again about the whys and the why-nots on all Social media platforms that I don't want to go into it…
just share with you some snippets of an extremely well-written article by a respected citizen of our country- Mr Gopalkrishna Gandhi (a former administrator and diplomat. He was Governor of West Bengal, 2004-2009, and officiating Governor of Bihar, 2005-2006.)
(to read the full article click here)

"Let this historic win be followed by a historic innings, which stuns the world by surprises your supporters may not want of you, but many more would want to see you unfurl..."

"Despite all my huge misgivings about your deserving that rare privilege, I respect someone coming from so sharply disadvantaged a community and family as yours, becoming Prime Minister of India. That fulfils, very quintessentially, the vision of our egalitarian Constitution."

"Why is there, in so many, so much fear, that they dare not voice their fears?
It is because when you address rallies, they want to hear a democrat who carries the Peoplehood of India with him, not an Emperor who issues decrees. Reassure the minorities, Mr. Modi, do not patronise them. “Development” is no substitute to security. You spoke of “the Koran in one hand, a laptop in the other,” or words to that effect. That visual did not quite reassure them because of a counter visual that scares them — of a thug masquerading as a Hindu holding a Hindu epic’s DVD in one hand and a minatory trishul in the other."

"It is in your hands, Mr. Modi, to dispel that. You have the authority and the power to do that, the right and the obligation as well. I would like to believe that, overcoming small-minded advice to the contrary, you will dispel that fear."

"Imperial and ideological exemplars appeal to you. So, be Maharana Pratap in your struggle as you conceive it, but be an Akbar in your repose. Be a Savarkar in your heart, if you must, but be an Ambedkar in your mind. Be an RSS-trained believer in Hindutva in your DNA, if you need to be, but be the Wazir-e-Azam of Hindostan that the 69 per cent who did not vote for you, would want you to be.
With every good wish as you take your place at the helm of our desh,"
All the Best Mr Modi.

And all the Best my dear brother... dont lose heart, because as the saying goes...
You learn more from failure than from success.
Dont let it stop you...
Failure builds character!
I leave you all with some photographs of the people who we met on the ground level of campaigning...
who moved us with thier warmth, and thier simple needs...
thier smiles and positivity in the face of poverty and neglect...
Like the saying goes in the Army...
Lest we forget
(when we get happy and content in our urban cocoon)

and just as I finish writing this I read about this recent Supreme Court acquittal of the Akshardham accused who had been languishing in jail for more than a decade... (read here)
are my fears really so unfounded?

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