Monday, March 24, 2014

On the Election Campaign Trail: the REAL India!

Been away from my little corner in the blogging world for a long time, in fact been away from a lot of things...
....reason being that we, (all five sisters) have been rallying around, turn by turn, behind our only brother and mom after our father passed away in December.
My brother is standing for his first election on his father's seat that got vacant in December and about whom I had written in some details in an earlier post.
(to read about my father and our family's political lineage please click here)
My little brother has some very big shoes to fill- all the more apparent when we go village to village, door to door and each lackluster response to our entry changes when we introduce ourselves as being Syed Qasim Hasan's daughters/son.
The love, affection and high esteem that we are greeted with is all at once humbling as well as fills us with immense pride, and is like a shot of adrenaline to our tired, dragging feet!
Notwithstanding the positive vibes that we are getting, campaigning for elections is real hard work and we return home at the end of a long day with stiff backs, sore muscles and hoarse voices.
My dear camera accompanies me on these long, winding, bumpy village roads and wheat and sugarcane fields... and tries to capture the emotions that are running high, the enthusiasm, the simple needs and aspirations, the complaints and even the grumpy moods of the old lady disturbed in her afternoon siesta...
I might not have the energy to draw+ write much in the coming one and a half months, because the pace of the campaign is only going to pick up and get more exhausting, and the summer heat more daunting, but my faithful camera will try and get you as many different facets and expressions of the rural India as we go village to village, door to door, field to field....
I will be sharing all this with you all in the "On the Campaign Trail" series of posts which might not come everyday, but as frequently as possible!
Enjoy the bumpy, dusty, ride!

"...Find out where joy resides,
and give it a voice far beyond singing.
For to miss the joy is to miss all!"
- Robert Louis Stevenson

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