Wednesday, March 26, 2014

On the Campaign Trail...#3 (Potato Diggings)

(To read about a bit about who and why of the campaign please click here)

This is the season for digging in the potato fields...
Every village we visit- the entire family is out in the fields except the very old and of course the men (they prefer lounging on thier charpoys  and smoking beedi rather than sweating it out with the potatoes)
Catching up with them in the middle of their work, squatting with the kids- joking with the women...
doesn't really seem like a lot of work, especially of you have children running behind you yelling the slogans that you teach them...
"Hamara Neta Kaisa ho?"
"Abid Bhai jaisa ho"

"why should I care who wins and loses? I just want my only daughter to marry well"

Anyone for freshly dug potatoes?

Piles and piles of the favorite vegetable...

All gathered in sacks- ready to move!

"Ammaji show your face- you HAVE to take her picture coz she is still the most beautiful woman in the village"

(pictures taken by Safoora and Maryam Hasan)


  1. Dear Sheeba,
    Pray for the health and welfare of all of you. Read your insightful comments. Focused on wonderful photographs which are thousand time better than words.Potato, Tomato,Onion, Wheat and partly Rice are staple food of UP masses and are life line for middle class Indians. Developed world has mechanisation whereas we have human batteries to deliver. Our culture, our values get determined by what we do. Poor farmers do what resources they have. They are poor due to low resource. Can we make them resourceful ? At least at micro level our Abid Mia has to deliver. If he succeeds then he could Ajay for ever. Our prayers are with him. May he win with thumping majority and deliver what is expected out of young and dedicated leader. Salam to all of you. Long live family reunion.

    1. Thank you Ifti Mamu,
      we are all trying hard to not let Abbu's legacy go waste, and Abid indeed has very big shoes to fill...
      Inshallah the people till now, seem to be with Abid and are willing to give a young and sincere, hardworking boy a chance to prove himself.
      And his sincerity and honesty in dealing with the people will pay off, and he is learning and growing with experience everyday...
      Its a big change that has come over him within days of Abbu's passing away and he is well aware of his responsibilities and expectations of the masses- hopefully he will do all of us proud and live upto Abbu''s name


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