Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Moods... Spring in the Deserts!

I didnt have very high hopes of anything colorful blooming in my garden after we got ourselves posted to the dry sandy desert of Rajasthan...
I had to really rack my brains to do up a rock garden last summer (which came up rather well and is described here) because I thought that rocks and cactus are the only things that are made to survive in this desolate land!
But in October I was pleasantly surprised when we had lotus blooming in my little garden..
you can see the beauty (here) where its a nicely lighted view of the cute little pond.
And that is what encouraged me to think... why not take a chance with some flowers as well...
who knows, with proper loving care and lots of organic manure (camel poop, anyone?)
I might still be able to welcome spring in my garden...
And as usual the desert never ceases to surprise me!
A bit of mixing the sand with good soil and lots of organic manure.... the desert turned out to be where you could grow practically anything!
I am growing pretty poppies to sunflowers to hollyhocks and fragrant sweet peas!!
and lo and and behold other than my regular herbs, even my broccoli is surviving!
My son is one happy boy (he could eat broccoli the whole day during our stint in the U.S and he missed it terribly since we came back)
Who knows... now I am being ambitious enough to think of growing assortment of Salad leaves and exotic herbs, next season.
And hope for the best!
Here are a few pictures of "spring" in the deserts!

Sunflowers on my study table!

Poppies galore...

And This my friends is an amazingly pretty "hybrid poppy"

a look at the pretty cornflowers... purples and blues!

Flowers that bloomed the first in my garden and are still going strong! Cosmos...

Fragrant Sweet Peas...

Bright Yellow California poppies...

Elegant Hollyhocks...(just a few plants survived but we'll plan better for the next spring)

My fresh seeds are all being hoarded for the next season! 

Luscious Pomegranate in my backyard.

And surprises of surprises... Broccoli in my vegetable garden!  Yaayyy!!


  1. So colourful Maryam... I loved the poppies best..There is something ethereal about them...:)

    1. even I love poppies... they are also the prettiest when you paint them :)


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