Friday, February 14, 2014

My Valentine treats with the cute loves of my life-my boys...

My husband, as usual is out for a few days... Army business and war strategies and what not...
So no romantic notions in my head for Valentine's Day....
And though I am not usually a valentine's day celebrations person-(the whole week leading upto the D-Day makes you actually tired of the red heart hoopla)
but my kids wanted to celebrate... esp my older one becoz just a year back in his U.N. school there used be a lot of celebrations and treats and cards and parties!
Being back in India doesn't mean everything comes to standstill...
You've still got "mommy" as the best girlfriend you will ever have- or so I like to think...
so I made the typical and cliche "red velvet cupcakes" with cream cheese frosting, strawberry cream tarts and even tried my hand at red velvet marbled cake which didnt actually turn out the way I wanted....  :-/
but what can I say- I am still on a learning curve!

here's a peek into the goodies of my valentine with my two boys!

strawberry fresh cream tarts

Red Velvet Cupcake with a heart shaped out of powdered sugar or castor sugar.

some Red Velvet Cupcakes which were topped with a strawberry crush glaze.

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Strawberry cream cheese icing with sprinklers.

Red Velvet and Chocolate Marbled cake (the chocolate marbling didnt come out as good as a vanilla marbling would have- but like I said... I am still learning)

A bite into the marble cake?

yummy hearty options!
so the recipe of the red velvet cake will follow as soon as me n my two loves get over the sugar rush!


  1. Wow.. all desserts are looks so Yummy...

    1. Thank you Bhawya- love all your recipes on the blog- verry innovative!

  2. yumm yum yum maryum.... :) love how you are so committed to ur blog.. :)

    1. hahaha, Saffu it looks like I seem committed, but its a part of my daily routine now... if I dont put up a post of something for too long I get fidgety

  3. Aww! This is so sweet & yummmmmy!
    Great celebration of - 2 boys & Mummy! :)
    Be blessed :)

    1. thank u Anita- and nice rhyming comment! :)
      thanx for dropping by and sharing the sweetness


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